Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Some More Polymer Clay Minis

Hi Folks,

I think I'm hooked on this polymer clay minis! I have done some more little items and I'm really pleased with them being a beginner. 

I try to go for the simple pieces but it never happens. I have done a Cruet Set for my Chestnut dolls house as I still had an empty spot in the kitchen.

The bottles are made out of crystals which are salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. 

The bottles and the tray

The whole Cruet Set

The Cruet Set in Chestnuts Kitchen
I have also made a mixing bowl and a wooden spoon. I included a doe mixture in the bowl to make it look more realistic.

The mixing bowl and wooden spoon 

Then I did a small cake, a cherry and jam pie and an apple pie. I am very pleased with these little minis especially with the cherry pie. The apple pie has a missing cut out piece and all the yummy filling is coming out. 

The pies and the small cake

I have made these for my Butterfly Cottage display. I guess the old lady was busy enjoying herself baking. 

The displayed items in Butterfly Cottage

I had also done the Recipe Book myself

Granny if very pleased with her baking, so she decided to take a coffee break.
Well that's all for today folks. I hope you all like my new creations of polymer clay minis. I know that there is still room for improvement but I think I'm getting better at it. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. The closer I get to them the smugger it gets. I think I should take a crash course on photography.

Keep tuned.

Take Care and see you soon.

Rebecca xxx


  1. Wow Rebecca they all look so good :).

    1. Thanks Diane for your approval. Haven't seen you much on the forum. I am pretty sure that you are busy. Take Care

  2. Fantastic makes. They all look wonderful and so real. Wonderful work.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria, Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am so glad that you liked them. xxx

  3. Your creations are great, and the sweets look really yummy!!! :)

    1. Hi Simona and welcome to my blog. Thank you for your lovely comments. Take Care.

  4. hi rebecca - i'm glad that you are enjoying polymer clay minis - they are really turning out well :) very realistic :)


    1. Hi, Thank you for your comments. I think I'm getting addicted to polymer clay minis. I love it.