Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Polymer Clay miniature Sculptured Doll and Toys

Hello Everyone,

I hope that you are well. After finishing 'Le Forge' I miss not doing anything especially now being so frustrated waiting for the baby to come. I really relax when I come to my miniature hour and I always look forward to it.

Before the baby arrives I won't start building my next project but I am doing some polymer clay miniatures to keep myself busy and to clear my mind for a couple of minutes. 

New Toys for 'Little Angel's Toy Shop'
For the last couple of days I had this obsession to try to sculpture a doll, well at least a small little toy doll. As I am still quite a beginner in polymer clay I knew that this task was going to be quite difficult. So I started off by shaping her head and body. I have done her legs and arms separately so I could join them to her body with wire. This would have helped to pose her in different positions.

Sculpturing the little doll
After baking her I joined her limbs with wire and painted her facial features. I also painted her socks and black shoes. They where quite tricky to do but I have manged to do a good job.

Joining the limbs to the body of the doll

Doll in sitting position

Painted face and shoes.
 Then I dressed her up with some colorful small floral patterned material, added some ribbon and lace and gave her golden curly hair. I was so thrilled that I finished her off. She's not perfect but I am really pleased with her. I have called her 'Bettina'. As I don't have a nursery for my next project. I decided to give little Bettina to 'Little Angel's Toy Shop'. I have asked the shop keeper if she would look after her till a new mummy will pick her. The lovely shop keeper was so happy to keep her and here she is in her new home.

Little Bettina in her small rocking chair at Little Angel's Toy Shop

The next day after making Bettina I really grew attached to her and I went back to 'Little Angel's Toy Shop' to see how she was doing. I asked the shop keeper if Bettina was being a good doll. The shop keeper didn't have any problem with her behavior but she was concerned that Bettina was feeling a bit lonely sitting on her rocking chair waiting for the right mummy to pick her up. So I went back to my table to make some more toys to keep Bettina company.

I have made a little teddy just for Bettina so she could carry it with her wherever she went and I did a lovely working Hobby Horse to stay with her.

Small Teddy for Little Bettina

The Working Hobby Horse.

 After finishing these toys I took them to 'Little Angel's Toy Shop' and Bettina was really excited to see her new companions. The shop keeper was happy to see Bettina being so joyful.

Little Bettina with her new companions the small teddy and the Hobby Horse. 
I hope you all liked my new toys. Please do keep tuned as I have some more miniatures to share with you.

Take Care and see you soon.

Rebecca xxx


  1. those toys are adorable!

    Marisa :)

    1. Thank you so much Marisa for your kind words. I am so pleased that you liked them. Take care xxx

  2. Great detail, my favourite is the hobby horse :).

    1. Hi Diane, yes I must admit the hobby horse is also my favourite. I can't believe that it came out so well. Take care xxx

  3. Wow fantastic toys the little doll is beautiful and I love the hobby horse.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Thank you so much Maria for your lovely comments on my new toys. I am so pleased that you liked them specially the hobby horse. Take care xxx