Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Inside Santa's Work Shop

Hello my dear friends,

Have you been busy preparing for Christmas? Well I have! I love Christmas, especially since I had my three babies. This year, it is a bit more special as this will be Baby Leah's 1st Christmas and Matthias and Raquel understand more what Christmas is all about.  Both of them seem to be excited and just being around them, reminds me of how excited I used to be.

I am really trying my very best to finish this project before Christmas. I am running out of time but so far it still looks promising. Today I have quite a lot to share with you. I have been working really hard inside the work shop itself.

Inside Santa's Work Shop
Darby the fawn
 I really don't know from where to start as there are so many pieces to talk about. Well firstly I wanted to introduce Darby. I have made a little story how Darby came to be part of Santa's life. 'While Santa was in the woods fetching wood to build toys, he found this lost hurt fawn which needed help. What he could see from her injuries that hunters where involved and the doe mother was no where to be seen. He feared the worse, so he carried her back on his sleigh. On arrival, Mrs Claus not having kids of her own, fell in love with this little fawn and took her under her wing to protect her.'

I loved this miniature the minute I saw her and fitted in perfectly with the scene as she has an injured leg. Underneath the staircase the shelves have been filled with toys and I have decorated the hand rail too with polymer clay candy cane that I did myself.

Underneath the stair case. 
In Santa's work shop I have done four working stations which are The Sewing Station, The Wrapping Up Station, Santa's Station and The Main Station.

The Sewing Station is taken care of by Mrs. Clause. Here you will find a sewing machine to make dolls and teddies. You will also find a working table filled with fabric and haberdashery. I have also made an unfinished doll made out polymer clay and a pipe cleaner.

The Sewing Station

The unfinished doll

Hand painted cuckoo clock 
 Next comes the Wrapping Up Station. Here is where the lovely toys are wrapped up. Here I have printed miniature Christmas wrapping paper and rolled them. I have added some rolls of ribbon and made some presents. Next to the Wrapping Up Station there is a Cuckoo Clock made out of white metal and my fantastic father hand painted it in Christmas colors. He did a marvelous job. 

The Wrapping Up Station.

Hand painted carpenter's tools

Then comes Santa's Station, where the big man himself works. Here you will find some carpenter's tools, pieces of wood ready to be turned into wonderful toys and also toy plans. The carpenter's tools are made out of white metal which have also been hand painted by my father. They look very realistic.

Santa's Station 

Polymer clay paint pots.
Finally we have the Main Station. This is the large table in the center of the room. Here we find the twin elves Jingle and Jangle who work mostly on this Station. They join the parts of the toys and paint them. I have added some tools, paints and unfinished toys. I have found an unpainted dolls house and train which I have partially painted and decorated. I have also made 3 pots of paint out of polymer clay.  Hanging from the ceiling on top of the main station you find a rack that I have made. I have added  some toys which are waiting to be dried.

The Main Station.

Ceiling toy rack 
All the pieces of furniture where painted by me. Then I made some wall shelves and filled them with toys. This is how it looks so far. 

Inside Santa's Work Shop

I still need to add Christmas decorations to this room but so far I am really pleased with the out come. I hope you all like it

Please keep tuned as I still have more to share on this project.

Take Care and see you soon.

Rebecca xxx


  1. Wow Rebecca this room is amazing so many fantastic wonderful details. I love it.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you Maria for your lovely comments. I am so glad you like it.

  2. You never seize to amaze me my friend! What a wonderful story about Derby! I love Santa's workshop and I really admire that you are still working on the Doll House with three young ones!! Lots of love and best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

    Anna xxxx

    1. My dear Rebecca,
      You have done so much in a short time and worked your wonderful magic in your Santa's workshop! So much detail and colour. Your children will adore it ...............Little Derby is delightful and cute too.

      Love and hugs dear friend,



    2. Thank you so much Anna. I am glad you liked it my dear friend. Can't wait to see you so I can show it to you. xxx

    3. Thank you so much Patty love. I am so glad you like it. If it wasn't for your support and persistence I don't know if I would have finished it. xxx

  3. what a wonderful room, the baby fawn is cute too :)


    1. Thank ypu so much Marisa, I am so pleased that you like it.

  4. Wow...just WOW.. I am very inspired to try to get my shop done just by the magnificence of yours ;)

    Amazing details and story!

  5. Oh Rebecca it is amazing, so much to look at. Really impressed with your fathers painting of the cuckoo clock and carpenters tools, they look so realistic. I have always loved cuckoo clocks but am not allowed a real one as it would be too noisy so might get a miniature one instead. Where did your father get the white metal one?

    1. Hi Diane thanks for your lovely comments. I get the white metal from Phoenix. My father have started painting items on commission so if you are interested you can email me. We have made a couple of them. We can also make them in the colors that one wants them.