Monday, 24 December 2012

Simple Christmas Angel Mantel Piece Miniature

Dear Friends,

Christmas Eve! Are you all prepared for the big day? Kids are very excited as Santa is coming tonight. I am also happy as we are celebrating Leah's first Christmas. 

Today as a little treat I wanted to post a  simple Christmas Tutorial that I did. It is a Christmas decoration that I have done and placed it in my Santa's Work Shop 

To make this simple mantel piece you need:
  1. Small pointed scissors
  2. Paint brush
  3. Tooth Pick
  4. Glue
  5.  Tape
  6. Glossy varnish (or clear nail polish)
  7. Transparent Red Polymer Clay (Fimo)
  8. 4 golden 5mm beads
  9. Miniature holly garland or leaves
  10. Silver (mirror) Card board
  11. Tick Golden card board
  12. Jewelry wire (dark shade)
Step 1.

Take a piece of the transparent red polymer clay and roll a log of around 6mm tick. Then cut the log in 3 parts in different sizes (approx 25mm, 20mm, 13mm long.) The sizes are there to give an indication.

 Step 2.

With the end of  the paint brush, push in slightly one of the ends of the clay piece. Make sure the piece remains straight and round and the edge of the candle is nicely shaped. This is to make the candle looked used.

You can also dent the edge of the candle by using the point of a tooth pick.

Take the jewelry wire and cut three pieces. These are to be placed in the center of each candle to make the wick.

 After this bake the clay for 30 minutes on low heat or follow the guide lines of your Fimo pack.

 When the clay has cooled down, varnish the top of the candles twice. This will make the effect of melted wax. Let the varnish dry. There your candles are ready/ 

 Step 3.

Cut the Angels using the template provided. You can print the angels on your silver cardboard. On the back of one of the angels stick a piece of wire with a small piece of tape. Then stick the two angels back to back so the silver shaped angels are outwards. You can also use a silver ink felt pen to go around the edges.

 Cut a rectangle (approx 30mm x 25mm) from the thick golden cardboard, This is for the base. Stick the angel in the centre by bending the wire 90 degrees. Leave a little space between the angel and the base. Stick the wire from the angel to the base with some tape. Then stick the candles in a triangle formation keeping the small candle in front of the angel and the other two behind the angel at the sides.

When the glue is set stick the little piece of holly garland or leaves around the candles and angel. Then add the golden beads to the holly  garland with some glue to decorate. You can decorate it as you like.

At this point your miniature mantel piece is ready. Hope you enjoyed it and find this tutorial useful..

Please note that this tutorial and the making of this 
miniature, is for personal use only.

Christmas Angel Mantel Piece
I have also made a new movie of my complete Santa's Work Shop project. You can find it on my blog tabs or on this link

Enjoy your Christmas. Wishing you all and your loved ones the best for the festive season. 

Please keep tuned as after the New Year I will be starting my newest project. 

Take Care and See you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful new Year. your angel is beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you Rebecca my dear friend!

      Love , health, happiness, and hugs,


    2. Thank you so much Maria, I am glad that you like it. Take Care xxx

    3. Thank you so much Patty. Glad that you liked it. Hugs xxxx

  2. That's a lovely little tutorial, thank you. Merry Christmas!

    1. I am so pleased that you like it. Take Care. xxx