Monday, 27 May 2013

Adding the Last Pieces to the Fairy Tale Magical Mystery Tower.

Hello my dear Friends,

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend. Today I will be sharing with you the last few added miniatures to the tower which completes both the rooms. I still can't believe that this project is drawing close to the end. I still have to decorate the outside surrounding. I am even preparing for my next new project. I also wanted to welcome three new blog followers; Danielle, Hannelore and Jennifer. WELCOME!

Today I wanted to share with you the complete rooms of the tower. Firstly I wanted to start with the Princess's Room. The princess that I chose for this lovely room is Rapunzel. I think Rapunzel was ideal for this room as there was no entrance leading to this room except for the window. So I had bought a Dolls House Emporium Doll called Rapunzel only that I was slightly disappointed with the length of her hair. Her hair wasn't long at all and so I have made an extension made out of wool to match her hair and plaited it. I have surrounded most of the room with her hair which made it look even better.

Rapunzel with her new hair extension

I have also added a few more miniatures to this room. I have managed to make a round carpet made out of wool which fitted in perfectly.

The carpet
I also made a new polymer clay miniature which took me a few days to complete. I have manged to do Rapunzel's Paint box which is featured in Disney's motion picture 'Tangled'. I am very happy how it turned out. The paint brushes are made out of tooth picks. 

Rapunzel's Paint box in Disney's Motion Picture Tangled
My hand made Rapunzel's miniature Paint box

All items are made with polymer clay except for the paint brushes. 

With these additions I have completed the princess's room and this is how it looks.

The complete Princess's Room

Then comes the Witch's Den. Another room which I have completed successfully. For this room I choose a hag to fit in  as the Witch while making the poisoned apple featured in Disney's motion picture 'Snow White'. I am actually very happy with my doll as she fitted in perfectly. I have placed her brewing the Poisoned Apple spell and I just love it. 

The Hag in the Disney's motion Picture Snow White

The Hag brewing the poisoned apple

I added a few more potion bottles and scrolls to the shelves and then I have realised that the room was too clean. As I have made a couple of spiders, it was a good idea to add some cobwebs here and there. 

Cobwebs on the lantern

Cobwebs around the furniture

And this makes the room complete and here are some pictures how it is. I am really happy with the out come.

The Finished Witch's Den

It always amazes me when I almost complete a project. After months of work and adding to the project that I almost feel sad when it comes to an end. I have really enjoyed making this particular project especially when you have two complete different rooms. You can see the difference between bright and dark, good and bad. 

In this coming week I will be adding some additions to the outside of the tower. I hope you have liked what I have done so far. 

I also wanted to remind you that only a few days remain. Visit 'My Miniature World Shop' at Etsy. Reduced Prices on all miniature items till the end of May. 

Please do keep tuned for the last update of the Fairy Tale Magical Mystery Tower.

Take Care and See you soon.

Rebecca xxxx


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    1. Thank you so much Eliana for your lovely comments.

  2. I like these wonderful rooms and the little details.
    Bye, Faby

    1. Thank you so much Faby. I really appreciate it.

  3. Wow Rebecca, the effort you have put into this project is amazing and everything looks just fantastic.

    1. Thank you so much Diane for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

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