Sunday, 5 May 2013

Adding the Miniatures to the Witch's Den - Fairy Tale Magical Mystery Tower

Hello everyone,

The weather here in Malta is getting warmer and warmer and in a few weeks the children will start their summer holidays. Can't wait to spend the days with them. Have worked some more on the Fairy Tale tower especially in the Witch's Den. I am trying really hard to capture the scenes that I want. Have also made some new miniatures. I also want to welcome a new follower to my blog Joanne Spencer. WELCOME!

So as you know the Witch's Den is mostly based on Disney's motion picture Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Have seen this movie as long as I remember and well I know it by heart. To make this project I still went back to it for reference just to capture what I wanted. It is not easy as it is based in a dungeon and my little tower is far from a dungeon. 

So firstly I have added more miniatures to add to my shelving and in the right places like the fire place, shelf and table. All items have been done by me with polymer clay and the glass canisters have been filled with clay minis and  polymer clay liquid.

Adding my miniatures to the furniture

New stack of Books made out of polymer Clay
On the fire place mantel 
I have worked mostly on the table to capture certain scenes from Snow White. I have found a blue empty glass which fitted in perfectly and managed to make it look bubbly and foamy. It's not perfect but I like it. 

Transformation of the queen in Snow White
I have also made another Spell book with quotes and spells from various motion Disney's Motion Pictures; such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Tangled and Cinderella. I love how the book turned out and it's definitely something that I will hold on to. I have opened it on the Poisoned apple spell and the Peddler's Disguise Spell which both are featured in Snow White. 

Peddler's Disguise 
Poisoned Apple

And here is how the table is looking so far. I still need to add my witch at work but haven't found the right one so far.

My Witch's Work Table, All the miniatures have been done by me. 
I am really pleased how it turned out. Here are some pictures how it is looking so far in the tower. I am really happy with it. Raquel really loves it. From the two rooms even if it is darker than the princess' room I am proud to say that it is my favorite.  It reminds me so much of my child hood watching Snow White and the miniatures that I made are probably the pictures that have made quite an impression on me at the time when I was still a child. 

The fire place

Book Case with potions

The Witch's working table

The Magic Mirror

I hope you all like it. I guess most of this room now is ready. I don't think there is much to add except for the witch. I have tried to capture the most important facts of the story. 

Also I wanted to let you know that I have added some new Hand painted miniatures and some new spooky polymer clay minis in my Etsy shop. Please do have a look. My Miniature World Shop at Etsy.

Hand Painted Miniatures

Art Deco Bronze Effect figurine
Dove book ends

Art Deco Bronze Effect Figurine
Wall mounted Plate with embossed ship

Spooky Polymer Clay Miniatures with Spiders

Well this is all for today folks. I hope you all like what I have done so far. I will be sharing with you the last few additions to this project very soon so please do keep tuned.

Take Care and See you soon.

Rebecca xxxx.


  1. Your tower is gorgeous Rebecca!
    Love your new polymer items too! Well done!



    1. Thank you so much my dear friend Patty. I am so pleased that you like it. Xxxx

  2. Your new pieces are perfect for the tower. I like the book.
    Bye, Fbay

    1. Thank you so much Fab, I am so pleased that you like it.

  3. I am always wanting to have fairy tale items collections like this Rebecca. You've inspired me a lot to pursue it.


    I just thought if you would like to visit my fairy tale themed park. -

  4. all are so cute its just like a fairy tale, hmm i know kids are love to be there and see your tower.