Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Baking Display in an Unusual Container

Regent Street

Hello my dear friends,

A few more nights to come and once again Christmas Day will be here.  It has been fun making the advent Calendar and only a few more doors to open. I wanted to let you know that all the tutorials will still be available for you to see and save till New Year's Day 2015.  I am so looking forward to Christmas like every year and like every year I end up creating something in miniature for Christmas. 

This year I created a miniature Christmas scene in an unusual container. I had this 'Panettone' Cake Box from last year's. A 'Panettone' is a sweet bread loaf originally made in Milan, usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and the New Year in Italy and now a days it has practically moved around in Europe.  For some unknown reason I kept this box.

My Panettone Box from last year's Christmas.
 I decided to use it and make a Christmas Baking Scene. It had the right size and well I went all out for it. I have opened a window in front with a scaple knife. Closed the opening from the bottom and as the box is slightly slanting at the top part I added an extra straight wall made from a tick card board at the back. 

The opened window in front with the cardboard extra wall at the back
I have added some Christmasy trimming around the opened window. Printed some tiles to make the flooring paper and used a piece of kitchen tile wall paper that I had stashed from a previous project.

I went to my big chest where I keep most of my stashed unused miniature furniture and accessories. I found some adequate pieces and started decorating it.

I also had some old polymer clay miniatures that I made myself when I first started as a beginner and they fitted in perfectly which are all the white and blue china, the pots and pans and the stone ware. I  made some Christmas Ceramic Plates to add to it. 

To cut the story short with a few pieces I have turned the box into a lovely Christmas baking scene.

The Christmas Baking Scene

 I hope you have enjoyed this little Christmas project that I shared with you. All it takes a little bit of imagination and you can create miniature scenes out of nothing.

So this is all for this year's projects. I wanted to thank you all for your time and encouragement in these years since my blog has started. This year I have managed to finish 4 dolls house projects which where quite an achievement to me. 

For the new year I will be starting with 2 projects which will be Miss Leah's new home and The Village Hall. So keep tuned for the New Year.

Wishing You all and your loved ones a 
Very Merry Christmas and a 
Happy New Year 2015

Take Care and See you all soon after the celebrations.


Rebecca xxx


  1. What a wonderful idea and it turned out so beautifully. Thank you

    1. You are very welcome and I am so pleased that you liked it.