Friday, 19 December 2014

Miss Leah's Boutique is ready to open for Business

Hello my dear friends,

Just in a couple of days Christmas will be here. I am so looking forward to it. I have been really busy with my everyday life and my miniature work. Today the kids started their Christmas break from school. I have also been busy with my My Miniature World Shop at etsy and it has been a real treat. Well I can say that Miss Leah's Boutique was completed just in time for Christmas too. Hope you are enjoying the Advent Calendar. It has been quite a success as it had over 655 views so far. It is very encouraging.  I also wanted to welcome two new followers of my blog Kati K and dbutterfly. Welcome to my blog. 

Last post was the finishing of the dressing room and well today will be sharing with you the final touches of the boutique and sewing room just before the Grand Opening. Just met Miss Leah a few minutes ago to give me one of her gowns and she is so excited for her big due.

Every little miniature is in place. All accessories are shelved and in their rightful position. It was a long journey but definitely worth it. It gives me such a warm feeling to see it with all the details. It took around 5 months from beginning to the finishing touches.

So here is the lovely boutique ready to open the doors to the public. The all prim and proper ladies are eager to go in and see. As you must have known most of the miniatures have been made by me. The lovely painting that Hazel from Art in Wax has painted especially for the boutique are displayed in the lovely frames that my darling husband Gilbert made for me. There are also the lovely dolls made by Beverly from Dolls by Beverly You can also see some of my white hand painted miniatures that my darling father has painted for me. 

Miss Leah's Boutique

The Center table Display

The Mannequin in the Arch 

The Shelving displaying most of my hand made miniatures

The Counter Top

The counter display
I also added some more details to the lovely sewing room where Miss Leah works and creates her lovely gowns and lady's accessories. I am really happy how this room turned out.

The Sewing room

The sewing machine and fire place with new miniatures. 

The sewing table

So this is all for today. Tomorrow will be sharing the excitement of the grand opening of the boutique. And here is Miss Leah's entry for the day.

19th December 1879

Dear Diary,

I am so excited and so nervous. Just in a couple of hours our guests will be arriving for the grand opening of the boutique. Every nook and corner is clean and tidy. The shop looks marvelous in it's splendor. I can't even believe that it is complete. As far as I know all guests will be attending. I am starting to get the butterflies in my tummy thinking about it. I have also prepared a little speech to thank who helped especially my family.

Matty arrived from France yesterday and just in time. I was so happy to see him. The house hold in the Manor house have everything ready for the reception for afterwards. Father is really pleased how everything fitted in place like a puzzle. I am also happy that it will be opened just in time before Christmas. I have prepared both outfits for me and Quelina. She wanted to go all out for it and I let her have it. After all she does deserve it much more than me. I didn't know what I would have done without her. She gave me her heart and home to share in the last few months.  Lulu has been a great help too by being good and a comfort to me. 

That is all for now. Have to get myself all prepared. Gail will soon be here to fix us up for the grand due and I can hear Quelina puffing as it seems she has lost her slipper. I wonder if Lulu had something to do with that. I will be back with all the news of the opening.

Wish me luck for today and let's hope that the future will treat us well.

See you soon.

Leah xxx

So that's all for today me dear friends. Tomorrow we will share the Grand opening that will be happening in just a few hours. Have to go and prepare myself too you know. I have been invited as one of the VIPs. So keep tuned for more.


Rebecca xxx


  1. this is beautiful, so much detail,well done

    1. Thank you so much Debbie. I am so happy that you liked it. Xxx

  2. It is so beautiful Rebecca you are very talented :-)

    I am honoured that some of my Art In Wax adorns the walls of your wonderful boutique


    1. Thank you so much Hazel for your lovely comments. It was a real pleasure having your lovely paintings. They are amazing. Xxx