Friday, 10 July 2015

Adding more to Pickett Hill

Hello everyone,

Another start of a new weekend. As usual I am busy as ever and I'm getting the hang of having the kids all to myself at home. They are quite demanding but I wouldn't have it any differently. It is quite hot like all our summers but no heat waves so far. Today I wanted to welcome 4 new followers to my blog; Dog-Ma, Yolanda Moran, Marie Gravnar and Mindy Winchester. WELCOME! 

As you can see now we have the official My Miniature World Logo which is featured in our sites. I hope you like it.

Today I will be sharing with you some more of my new additions to Pickett Hill which is a 1:48 scale project. I am taking it really, really slow but I am enjoying it. I have continued building the furniture kits to get a hang of the scale and now I have started assembling windows and doors of the house. There are so many tiny fine pieces but I am no rush to finish. 

I have ordered some Led lights for it as the lights have to be fixed in while building the house. I also want to introduce you to the Pickett Family. These 1:48 scale dolls where made by the amazing doll maker Susan Esmell. They where commissioned for me as I wanted to make a whole family. We have Mr. and Mrs. Pickett. Master Robbie and Miss Emma. 

The Pickett Family

I have also continued building some furniture kits. They are very tiny, detailed and so precise.

Some of these kits are for the sitting/living area and dining.

Here we have the day bed and the grand father clock. They are really sweet and each kit comes with a story on every piece of furniture.

The day bed

The Grand father clock

I also built the coop and the little side table. These will be placed in the dining area.

Side table

The coop

I also built the lovely detailed writing desk and chair.

Writing desk and chair

I have also tried my hand with some polymer clay pieces in 1:48 scale. It is not easy as they are so tiny. I have made two plants in pots so they can go with the Wardian Case. 

Wardian Case with plants.
My Polymer clay plants

There is also the plate wall shelf. The plates within the kit where made out of paper and it was something which didn't look realistic as I wished. So I made the plates and bowls with polymer clay.

Wall Shelf with polymer clay plates

 I also built the lamp shade table kit. Which came with the tiny lamp shade, books and glasses. We also have the occasional coffee table. The kit is so cute and you can change the face of the table with any festive season like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine etc etc. It also has a little box with buckles where memories are kept like postcards and photos.

Lamp shade table and coffee table

Finally I have painted the little arm chair and La-Dee-Da the cat. These are made out of resin. I have also draped a little blanket on the arm chair.

The Arm chair and La-Dee-Da the cat

I also wanted to tell you that we have some new wonderful Ceramics miniatures which are available from My Miniature World Shop at etsy,

New range of miniature ceramics
So this is all for today. I hope you have enjoyed these little miniature kits and additions. I just can't wait to have their house ready.

Hopefully next post we will be back with Miss Leah's home. So keep tuned for more updates.

Wishing you all a happy weekend.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. They are all so cute. You must be very patient and definitely talented
    Welcome Family Pickett you are very lucky to have a new home

    1. Thank you so much Marie. I am pleased that you liked them.