Sunday, 19 July 2015

Furnishing the living area of No.35

Hello my dear friends.

I hope you had all a great weekend and that you are enjoying your summer. Finally we are going through a heatwave which is very normal during this time of year. Thank my lucky stars we have air-conditioning. 

The winner for our personalized ceramic miniature mug give away goes to Marie Gravnar. Kindly Marie contact me so you could give me your details.

I also wanted to tell you that we have reached over 2,100 likes on My Miniature World Face Book Page. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. It means a lot to me.  And to show my appreciation another free give away is coming up on the next blog post. So make sure not to miss it.

I have been very busy in this past week making miniatures for clients and adding new products at My Miniature World Shop at etsy. It has been quite fulfilling, but I still found some time to add more to Miss Leah's new home.  

The Living area of No 35 Leah's
 Having a one room as a living quarters it is not easy. It is like saying having a kitchen/dining/sitting/living room all together.  Everything has to be cramped in one room. Being for Miss Leah, I wanted it to look elegant and rich but at the same time simple with all the necessities.

First I started by adding and changing some pieces of furniture. I went for a small dining table with elegant dining chairs and as it will also serve like a sitting area so I have placed a chassis lounge. 

 Next to it I have placed a Victorian buffet side board and a small side table.

Adding some pieces of furniture

Then I started working on the back wall. There was definitely a need for a kitchenette range to cook and keep the room warm. I kept the chimney breast right underneath the bedroom fireplace which meant that the range had to be right in the middle of the back wall. On the left hand side I thought of filling the space with a sink and the other side with some sort of side table or work surface for the kitchen.

The lovely Victorian range was built from a white metal kit and hand painted by my very talented father. He also made the doors open. It is quite a heavy piece and very detailed.  When the range was done I added l an extra flooring with tile slabs where the range will stand on and built the oven surround for it. Behind the range I also made a brick wall using versi slips and it came just right.

The Victorian Kitchenette Range
When that was all done. I went for the sink. I got myself a butler sink. I took the measurements of the space between the oven and the side wall to fit the sink without leaving any spaces.

The sink was scratched built by me and I tried to make it look slightly worn but nice at the same time. I still need to add the faucet to it.

Scratch built sink

Then I fitted the side table on the other side. I went through my stash of accessories and found some nice pieces to go with the room. On top of the sink and side table I still have to add shelves and fill them up with accessories.

Sink, kitchenette and side table fitting exactly.
There is still so much I need to add. I still have to add the cornice, skirting, picture frames and many more accessories but  now I have a clear picture of how it will look like.

And here is how it looks like so far.

And here is Miss Leah's Diary post. It is quite short as she has just arrived from her vacation.

18th July 1880

Dear Diary,

I am so pleased to be back home. Quelina and I decided to take a short vacation. I had never traveled with my sister before. It was my first time that I went to Paris. It is so magical. The food is out of the world. I never tasted anything as divine as I did there. You should have seen the boutiques there. They are no words to describe their perfection. No wonder that Paris is famous for their fashion.

 I regret the moment of leaving but it feels good to  be back home and to my old routine. I have missed my own boutique and now I have better plans for it. 

I also visited my new home and surprisingly I found my new range. Harry must have finished it while I was away. I am glad that Matty was here to look after things. Quelina gave me some nice fine china from Matquel's and I definitely be needing to add more. I am sure that in the next few weeks I would be able to move in with Lulu in our new home.

Now it is time for me to go to sleep. Nighty night my dear diary. I will be catching up with you sooner than you imagine.


Leah x

So this is all for today folks. Keep tuned for more updates soon. Miss Leah's new home now is in it's final stages and I can't wait to start another project.

Take Care and see you real soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. I am so thankful for your wonderful miniature mug, I have just sent you an email. Miss Leah's house is turning out to be quite comfortable.

    1. Thank you so much Marie for your wonderful comments and email. I am so pleased that you have received and liked your new mug.