Wednesday, 26 August 2015

1930's Bed Room for Tudor Manor

Hello everyone,

Once again we came to an end to another month. Time does fly by and soon we will be saying goodbye to Summer. I have been very busy with the kids as soon it will be time for them to go to school and start another new scholastic year. This  year it won't only be Matthias and Raquel to go, even my darling little Leah will start her kinder garden. It is so hard sending the little ones off.

I wanted to tell you that My Miniature World Group on Face Book has reached over 400 members. It is a very nice group where everyone can share their miniature creations and dolls house projects. I also wanted to thank all those wonderful persons that like and follow My Miniature World Face Book page. We have reached over 6,000 likes. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

Today I will be sharing with you something that I am really looking forward to work on even though it is not my next project.

1930's Bedroom
Like you all know the Tudor Manor is very special too me, especially knowing that it has the same age as I do and was built by the founders of The Dolls House Emporium. What makes it special that it has a vintage style and I just couldn't imagine something modern in it. So I thought about a 1930's -40's will fit in perfectly.

Some how you don't find the right pieces that you want or you imagine. I have done a lot of research and what I liked was real furniture and not miniature.  

The only person that came to my mind was Elizabeth from Elf Miniatures. It wasn't the first time that we worked together and definitely it won't be the last. I simply emailed Elizabeth and showed her two pictures of bedroom furniture that I wanted. I asked her if it was possible that if she could design them for me in miniatures.

Real bed room

Elizabeth, a wonderful person that she is, responded in a heart beat and the answer was a simple "Yes". After several emails with dimensions and working together, she started working on the kits. I was positively sure that I would be happy as a bunny, Elizabeth never let me down. During a few weeks she showed me step by step each piece that she was working on and if I was satisfied with the style and look. They where just perfect and they where even better than I imagined them.

Finally the day came when I got all the kits by post. Elizabeth sent me the knew instructions by email which were very easy to follow.

Elf Kits
 Piece by piece I started assembling them and staining them. 

Working on the kits
Every piece was cut perfectly and matching. It took me a few days to finish as I wanted them to be perfect as much as possible.

When all pieces were done I started working on the bedding for the bed. I had to make the mattress, sheets and pillows.

Bed without the bedding
 I didn't know what I was going to use to make the bedspread and I found out that in the 1930's they used a lot of lace to cover their beds. I got out my hook and started crochet a bedspread for the bed.

I am no expert in crochet but I do know some  basic stitches and the basic afghan pattern. It took me a few days to finish it off but it was worth it.

The bedding

Then it was time to see how the whole room will look together and it couldn't get any better than this. I have added some nice hand painted pieces that I did and also my father which fitted the era.

My Hand painted miniatures

My father's hand painted heater
There is still so much that I still need to add, 

Open Wardrobe

Tall Chest of drawers


bed and bedside tables
Elizabeth did a fantastic job and she loved how this bed room turned out. My bed room has also been featured on Elf Miniatures facebook page and also on their website. 

I am also pleased that through this project Elf Miniatures now have this new range available on their website.

I wanted to thank Elizabeth  for being fantastic with her clients and giving her very best. Working with her I also got to know her personally. I am looking forward to our next project together.

Well and here are the final pictures.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Please keep tuned for our next new project. 

Take Care and See you real soon.


Rebecca xxxx


  1. You've done a wonderful job with the kits, and your flair for creating a lived-in interior shows again in this project with the exquisite detailing - just perfect! Well Done! Elizabeth ELF

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth for your kind words. I wouldn't know what do without you xxx

  2. This is brilliant and so authentic. Well done.

  3. Gosh this bedroom takes me back. You have both done a wonderful job it is more or less a perfect replica of my grandparents' room. Great atmosphere. Enjoy these wonderful if exhausting years with your little ones, I am just about to wave my daughter off for a year, at least, in Australia and it doesn't seem like five minutes ago I was waving her off on her first day at Playgroup.

    1. Thank you so much Janice for your kind words. I am really thrilled with it. You are so right every minute is precious with the little ones. They grow up so fast. xxx

  4. How could I miss this? I have the same bedroom in my house that used to belong to my granny. It is perfect Rebecca.

    1. Thank you so much Marie. I am glad you liked it.