Monday, 10 August 2015

Completing the living room for Miss Leah's new home

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and enjoyed your weekend. On the whole I can say that I am fine and enjoying the summer. Very busy like always but I guess that is no news! Who isn't? The past week we had quite a heat wave and on Saturday out of nowhere one minute it was sunny and the next we had one huge thunder storm with two tornadoes. It was out of this world and quite scary. Yesterday it was just like all the other summer days; hot and sunny. I think Mother Nature went on vacation last Saturday.

So today I will be sharing with you the completed living room of Miss Leah.

The living area
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So today I will be sharing with you what I have been up to with the living room, Being a one room which consist of a kitchen/living/dinning you have to be very careful how to decorate it. You don't want it to make it too much like a kitchen or make it look to formal. I think I went for the nice and simple touch. The back was turned mainly like a kitchen but still looks rich and the front more like a living area. 

I have gotten one of the open cabinets in bare wood which I painted matching the sink, stairs, cornice and skirting. I added some of the necessary accessories that you find in a kitchen. I also made some hooks out of jewelry wire and add them to one of the shelves for my miniature ceramic cups that I made.

Open Cabinet

The kitchen range and the mantel still needed more accessories so first I decorated the mantel piece with some Victorian style pieces. the small frames where done by me.

The Mantel Piece on top of the range
I have added some of my own hand painted accessories to the range like the kettle, the hanging kettle, griddle with spatula and the roasting dish. They just fitted the range perfectly and I just love it. 

The Kitchen ranfe

Next to range on the left there is the hand made sink. I finally added the faucet, a hanging shelf and copper accessories. I will probably still be adding more to it; maybe a bar of soap and dish cloth. 

the sink with new accessories
I have also carpeted the staircase which matches the carpet in the living room. As the stairs are slightly narrow the rods wouldn't fit in and it would have been a shame to cut them off so I added some tick gold plated pins  instead.  I have printed some nice pictures to frame them in the oval frames.

Carpeted stair case.

Underneath the stairs I have added a side hall table. I have added some accessories including my fruit bowl and looks just great there.

Side table underneath the staircase
Near the little Victorian hutch where I have a dinner set displayed I have printed two more painting and framed them off. Sometimes just a few frames makes such a difference to empty walls.

Framed  pictures
I have also set up the lovely tea party on the dinning table. So I think the room is pretty much all done and ready. For a one room it have everything. So here are some pictures of the whole room.

I hope you like what I have done in this room. I might add some more minis and fix the furniture better but it is pretty much ready. Here is Miss Leah's diary entry for today. 

10th August 1880
Dear Diary,

It has been almost a year since I moved to Regent Street. Time does fly and so much has happened. I am completely tired out and at the same time very excited. I have been very busy with the boutique this summer. There seems to be a ball every week. The boutique has picked up so much in the last months.

Today will be the last time that I will write to you from my sister's room. Yes today will be the last night that I will stay with Quelina. Tomorrow I will be moving in my new home. Everything has been set up in it's place. The kitchen is quite stocked and everything is waiting for me and Lulu. I only have two suit cases with some clothes and personal stuff. Quelina is very quiet and I can imagine why. Quelina has always been a mother hen and for me to leave her imaginary nest is not going down so well. I keep on reminding her that when she moved out from the Manor house she was the one to leave me and not the other way round. I keep on telling her that I am practically next door to her, that we can open a door in the wall and combine the houses. That is how far we are apart. Can you believe how silly she is being? If I had to call out from my window she can hear me. I promised her that we will be eating dinner together at each other houses every single day and we will take turns. I know I feel pretty much the same and she makes me feel so guilty. I will miss her a lot but it is not fair on her. I took so much of her space. It has been a year since I moved in her home and we have grown so close like when we were kids. 

She is thinking of renovating the shop which I think would be a great idea. It does need some freshening up. I will always be there to help her out. Regent Street seems to grow and I can see at least two more shops ready to open so it will be good for Matquel's to be refurbished. 

Tomorrow you will be staying on a new desk in my new bedroom. You don't have to worry you will be joining me tomorrow in the suit case.

Nighty, night.


Leah xxx

So this is all for today. I hope you have enjoyed it. Keep tuned as next time we will meet  No 35 Leah's will be complete. 

Don't forget as well that Saturday I will be announcing the winner of the miniature give away so good luck.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. I think Miss Leah is one lucky lady and I am sure Quelina will come around in a jiff. Love all the adorable items in her home.

    1. Thank you so much Dog-Ma. Yes I think Quelina will be just fine.

  2. Hi! I love what you´ve done in the room, I think you found a nice balance. I also want to say that I love your ceramics! And of course I would like to have a chance to win your beautiful give away. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Alexandra. I am glad to you like what I have done to the house xxx

  3. This is a wonderful room with many details. Miss Leah is a lucky lady!
    I participate in your giveaway and I put the link on my blog.

    1. Thank you so much Faby for everything. You are very dear to me. xxx

  4. And the wall paper you have selected is great alongside your furniture and accessories!

    1. Thank you Mary. I am pleased that you liked the wall paper. Both the wall papers were made by me. xxx

  5. que buen trabajo! encanatría participar en tu sorteo, subo enlace a mi blog

    1. Muchas gracias Carmen . Soy sp complace que te haya gustado. Realmente lo aprecio. xxx

  6. Perfection at it's best. Impressive work.

    1. Thank you so much Marie. I am glad you liked it. xxx

  7. Beautiful work! Makes me want to get busy......

    1. Thank you so much Lerryn and welcome to my blog xxxx