Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Bauble - Miniature Project

Hello Everyone, 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Where did the days go? The kids are really excited for tomorrow night as Santa will be visiting. I just enjoy it seeing them preparing and seeing their anticipation. I almost love Christmas Eve better than the actual Day. I spend the day preparing for the big day. Make sure the kids are rested. We celebrate the Christmas Vigil at church. Afterwards even if it is way too late we go for a coco at my parents. Then as soon as we arrive home we prepare cookies and a glass of brandy for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer. Then I send the kids of to bed in rush telling them to hurry up because Santa will find them up. I just love seeing them running to bed. I think it is the one night they go so willingly to bed. Even if they sleep late   they wake up extra early on Christmas day just to find out if Santa was here. I just love it!

Firstly I wanted to welcome two new followers to my blog. Welcome santiaga55 and The grandmommy. Don't forget that tomorrow we will be opening the last door of our Christmas Advent Calendar

Today I will be sharing with this year's Christmas project. 

Christmas Bauble
This year I got myself one of these cute little kits. It is a 1:144 scale Christmas scene dolls house in a glass bauble. The kit practically came with everything even with glue, tweezers and so much more. There where so many bits and pieces. It also came with lights,

The Bits f of the house

I started off by building the house. It is so cute and best of all it is decorated quite Christmasy.

Building the house
 When the house was complete than I had to fix the lights and I just couldn't wait to see it decorated. 

 Even if the house was pretty much done. There was still lots to do on the inside. Every piece of furniture had to be built. Every chandelier had to be made with bits of wire and tiny beads.

Miniature Arm chair

The house came with three rooms which are the living room with a cute Christmas tree, the Dining room and bed room.

Living room

Bed room

Dining room

Then when that was complete it was time to wire it to the battery system and the sensor. This little bauble lights up and off with just a touch on the glass or by clapping your hands.

Lighting up the house

After that came the tricky part to put the house in the bauble and adding the snow and Christmas scene to it. When it was complete I got a stand for it designed just for these kits.

And here it is. 

Front of the House

Back of the house.

I also made a small video of it that so you can see it much better and see how it lights up.

So this is all folks. I hope you like this year's Christmas project. 

This will be the last post before Christmas. So I wish you all my dear friends, followers and fans a Very Merry Christmas. Hope you will enjoy the special day with your loved ones. 

We will be back with an update on Kate's Cottage very soon. So keep tuned.

Take Care and keep warm.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Where did you purchase that kit? It's amazing.

    1. Hi Robin, Thank you so much. I got this from ebay.

  2. Te quedo precioso !!yo también estoy haciendo uno pero no soy capaz de poner las luces .. Felices fiestas !!! un abrazo

    1. Muchas gracias. No renunciar a las luces. Son un poco complicado, ya que los cables están también tienen que ser postioned algo positivo a la batería. El envío de sus muchos abrazos xxx

  3. A beautiful project!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you so much Drora. Hope you have enjoyed your Christmas with your loved ones. xxx

  4. Replies
    1. I can't say as it is written in Chinese and I don't understand the language.

  5. Lovely creation! Thanks for sharing!