Saturday, 19 December 2015

Finishing the outside of Kate's Cottage

Hello Everyone,

How are you? All set for Christmas? Time does fly. I can't believe that in less than a week Christmas will be over. I just hate it when it's over. You spend so much time preparing for the moment and in just a blink of an eye it's gone. I guess we have to wait for another year. All gifts are ready and set and packed nicely underneath the tree.

Firstly I wanted to welcome 6 new followers to my blog. Cheryl Rankin, Monica Berry, Leilani, Maryanne Laursen, Rose Fletcher and Monika Ehrenschneider. Welcome to all! 

The Winner of our miniature Christmas Give Away is Rose Fletcher. Congratulations Rose! Please contact me with your details so I can send it off to you. I wanted to thank everyone who participated. Don't give up we will be having more give aways in the near future.  

I hope you are enjoying our Advent Calendar 2015. Our advent Calendar will be on till the end of this year.

Today I will be sharing with you the completion of the outside build on Kate's Cottage. There was so much to do from beam work to brick tiling but it was definitely worth it. 

Kate's Cottage
So before starting with the beam work. I had to complete the lighting. As the house opens from both the side and the front and also  has a spiral staircase my best options for lighting was copper wire. It is much neater and like this I could still decorate the house all around.

Before adding the copper tape. I had to study the house and what lights I had in mind. When I was sure of what lights to insert then I had to see what kind of beam work needed to be added to the facade all around. 

Copper tape for lighting
So there was quite a lot of thinking and measuring. With the help of my husband the copper tape was made both at the back of the house and also at the side which leads to a corner where a small plug will be fitted. 

The Copper tape was covered with masking tape and then I painted the walls. The copper tape was hidden behind the facade beam work.

Beam Work covering the lighting system

Every piece of wood was carved to make it look weathered and I stained them to look a bit more real. I had quite a lot of work to do there.

Beam Work on facades

To the door I also added some hardware to add a little more detail. From inside the door has a working bolt and on the outside you see the Tudor style door's hardware.

The door outside

The door inside
Then It was time to start bricking off the lower part of the walls. First I painted the walls in a dark shade of brown and using cardboard brick slips I started adding them to the walls.

And with that the outside of Kate's Cottage is complete.

Kate's Cottage
So this is all for today. I hope you like what I have done so far. 

Next time I post which will be just before Christmas, I will be sharing with you this year's Christmas Project, so make sure to tune in and don't miss it.

Make sure you folks will be good and have written a letter to Santa.

My letter to Santa never changes. I don't have to concentrate hard because every year I want the same thing. Don't you all agree???

See you all in a couple of days. 

Take Care and Be Safe.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Beautiful work and I love that door!

    1. Thank you Lucille. I am so pleased that you liked it. xxx

  2. Beautiful work, well done, it looks absolutely amazing :)

    1. Thank you so much Queenie. I really appreciate it.

  3. Que trabajos mas buenos haces !! La casa es preciosa . Feliz Navidad!!!Abrazos

    1. Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras. Hago mi mejor esfuerzo para hacer que sea más perfecto posible . Le deseamos todo lo mejor para la Navidad. xxx