Monday, 20 March 2017

Miss Leah's Boutique once again makes it in print!

Hello everyone.

How are you all? Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Spring is here and it's time for me to stretch and wake up from my hibernation. Lol!... yes that is exactly how I feel all Winter. I have been very, very busy. My Miniature World Shop has been keeping me very busy. We have some new miniatures and books that you might like to see. Still whilte being busy I still try to fit in my hobby. I will not let anything interfere with my hobby time and so in a couple of days I will be sharing with you the bathroom for The Woodcutters' Cottage.

I am pleased to tell you that once again Miss Leah's Boutique makes it in print on the Dollshouse World Magazine April 2017 issue.

Miss Leah will always hold a special place in my heart for so many reasons.

The article is spread on three  full pages with lots of nice shots of the Boutique.

For those who would like to read the article here is the link Take a Guided Tour along Rebecca's Regent Street

Sometimes I wonder to myself "What makes this dolls house more special?" I never really fully understood why I feel that way about it and I can't fully understand why I love Miss Leah so much. You all think that Miss Leah has a connection to my youngest daughter Leah and yes it is a part of it but still there is so much more. 

Only recently I figured out why Miss Leah's Boutique is so special. When I first started building it, it never crossed my mind that it would turn out the way it did. I always knew that it would be part of my Regent Street which  had to go along with the street of shops. I remember that for some reason I held the project on hold for some months even if I was fully aware of what I wanted. I knew I was confident enough to start it but still I backed away from it. I was passing through a rough patch in my life. Actually it was a rough patch that had to be fought by myself alone. A hurdle to overcome without any help from my loved ones. I couldn't bare myself to remain in the shadows of self doubt, of not having pride in my work and of not accepting that I was capable of what I know too well today. This project was my inner challenge which I pulled through with flying colors. I knew that Miss Leah's Boutique would be the turning point in my life. The turning point of how I saw my work. Miss Leah helped me through out the project to have pride in my work to be confident and to actually believe that I could reach my goal. The stories that came with Miss Leah only proved to me that a dream with perseverance and faith in ones ability could actually turn in to reality. Even if Miss Leah's Diary was written by me I never felt that way about me or my ability in the miniature world. Once Miss Leah was done all my doubtfulness vanished and nowadays I see myself more positively. So many things have changed to the better since the boutique and all my graduate goes to my dear Miss Leah for helping to see myself clearer and in a complete different light. 

So as you can see the hobby has actually helped me to be proud of myself and to accept who I am. Yes I finally can say I am a Miniaturist Artist without thinking twice. 

Here are some picture of the boutique.

A few are probably asking if Miss Leah will return. Or if there will be any additions to Regent Street.  My answer is a definite YES. There is no doubt about that.

Regent Street already has Matquel's Antiques and China Shop, Little Angels Toy Shop, The Coffee Corner and Le Forge. I already have some great ideas and shops for the street and yes I already have the kits which will be part of it. 

I am really hoping to start working on a new project in Regent Street as soon as I finish the Woodcutter's Cottage or more likely as soon as I have the big move to the new premises. I already have some new additional characters and I am working on some story lines for Miss Leah.

And here they are.

Down in Regent Street two new residents arrived. They dropped by at Miss Leah's Boutique. The young blond beautiful lady is interested in new attire. While the handsome gentleman has eyes only for the lovely Miss Leah. Who could they be??? Where did they come from??? What is their business around here???? 

Regent Street is getting busier and busier. Pretty Miss Violet a new resident had an early appointment with Miss Leah for a fitting. During the fitting they spoke about a lot of things; books, theater, the people and the eligible bachelors. For a brief moment Miss Leah's thoughts drifted to the young handsome gentleman that visited her just a few days ago. Who could he be? ...

Miss Quelina was running late to open the Antique Shop. She had just dropped by at the Boutique to check on her little Sister Leah. As soon as she was out of the door she bumped into a stranger. With a friendly grin the gentleman greeted her and stepped aside for her to pass. Quelina blushed and apologized. Why was she blushing for? Was it because for a second she acted unladylike? Was it because the stranger was a young handsome fellow?

There is so much that still needs to be done but it is a beginning. Having the characters in mind can make the project so much easier and more enjoyable.

So this is all for today. Keep tuned for the next update on The Woodcutter's Cottage. 

Take Care and See you Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. My Congratulations on the magazine spread in DOLLHOUSE WORLD of Miss Leah's Boutique! I remember watching the progress of that build and every step of the way and what fun it was to see all of the pretty details you added.
    The story behind the scenes with Miss Leah and her sister was lots of fun to read too and I DO love a good story! :))
    It is no wonder that this project holds a special place in your heart Rebecca- Well Done!


    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth I am really pleased that you had enjoyed the process of Miss Leah's Boutique. I can't wait to start a new project in Regent Street.

  2. Una boutique y una dama deliciosas, entiendo el orgullo que debes sentir al mirarla y saber que ha salido de tus manos y de tu corazón :)

    1. Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras. Realmente lo aprecio. Abrazos xxx

  3. Muchísimas felicidades por tan merecida publicación,es una boutique preciosa!!!

    1. Muchas gracias. Significa mucho para mí. Abrazos xxx

  4. Congratulations on the publishing of your beautiful work. It is very well deserved. I am glad that soon you will continue with "Miss Leah´s adventures" When I started following your blog I had the chance to enjoy some of her stories and I am happy to read there is more coming!

    1. Thank you so much Alexandra for your lovely comments. I am so pleased that you had the chance to enjoy Miss Leah's adventures. I can't wait to start off again with more stories. Hugs xxx