Sunday, 23 September 2018

Concluding The Master Swordsman Pub & Inn - A Tribute to a Loving Father.

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. My good old friend Summer said goodbye and once again we're back in Fall. Today we will also be closing the curtains and saying goodbye to The Master Swordsman Pub & Inn.

The Master Swordsman Pub & Inn now stands proudly in Regent Street between Miss Leah's and The Coffee Corner. It took me eight months to complete. It always gets overwhelming when I finish a project especially when it takes months to finish.

I'm very happy how it turned out. I can actually say it turned out even better than I expected. Every room has a special feature, that draws one's attention.

Turning on the lights of the project makes it look magical and more real. Sometimes I wish I could shrink and walk among the dolls and roam around the rooms.

Here are a few pictures of the lit rooms.

The Pub

The Guest Room with its en-suite

The Parlour

The Room behind the stained glass door

The Roof Terrace

I also got to take some photos of the Master Swordsman Pub & Inn among the other shops in Regent Street in the dark with their lights on. I can spend hours looking at them.

I know I am sharing its completion now but The Master Swordsman Pub & Inn was done and ready a day before the launch of My Miniature World. I had to do my best to make sure that this was complete before the big event and for a very good reason. The Master Swordsman Pub & Inn wasn't really seen by anyone before and it was special to have it shown for the first time in the Launch. 

The opening of The Master Swordsman Pub & Inn during the Launch

What made it even more special to have it ready before, was that my father got to see it for the first time complete during the Launch itself. I could say that he was very happy and very proud. To have him there standing in awe before it, only made me realize how strong the bond between us is. He loved every detail.  I couldn't be more happy to have this project as a tribute to him. He has always been by my side in every circumstance; being as a child, as a teen, as a young lady and even now as a woman and a mother. We still work together and he still helps me with my miniatures so the least I could do was this, a project based on his own passion.   

My father the Master Swordsman and I

From here I would like to thank my father for always being there for me. Thank you paps!

So that's a Wrap Up!

I will be working on two dolls house projects now. One of them is for my little girl whom I have promised her a dolls house of her own which she will be decorating herself. The other one is Pembroke Grange which will have a Regency period style. Make sure to keep tuned for the beginning of the new projects.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxxx 


  1. What a great and lovely tribute!!! I can only imagine how incredibly proud your dad is with a daughter like you!! It looks magical indeed with the lights on!! It was a great pleasure to follow the entire project step by step, and to see it completed. I hope one day I'll get to see it for real! :) Looking forward to the next one!

    1. Thank you so much José for your wonderful comments, and indeed you have fully seen this project being built from the beginning till the very end. Hope that one day you will get to see it for real! xxx

  2. I am in awe of your work because of all of the detail. On one had there is the strong sense of reality. You can almost hear the the chatter and the music and then you see the whimsy of it all.

    1. Thank you so much Ann, I really appreciate it xxxx

  3. A lovely tribute to your father. He must be equally proud of you and your achievements.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you so much Drora, it means so much to me. Xxx

  4. I am sorry I have been away from the blogs for a while so I missed out on the details of the pub. I suppose I need to go into your archives. I absolutely love the pub. I gasped when I saw all of the buildings with their lights on.
    I see you are like me. I like to see dolls in structures. You are very lucky not only to have such a wonderful father but to have him still here with you to enjoy your hobby together. Looking forward to your next project.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes you can go to the back posts to see all the details. xxx