Saturday, 8 December 2018

Little Angel's Toy Shop in Regent Street

Hello everyone, 

Another weekend has passed by and Christmas is getting closer. 

Today I wanted to share with a very special project that no one knows much about. 

Little Angel's Toy Shop was my second shop that I did, only that it was never meant to be part of the shops in Regent Street. It never came as a kit. It was designed and built by me after a bitter experience in August 2011. It was a side project that I kept to myself without sharing it, until it was complete.

Today Little Angel's Toy Shop stands in My Miniature World part of Regent Street. After all this time it still looks beautiful. 

Little Angel's Toy Shop brings bitter sweet memories. It was named indeed after a tiny angel that never got to see the light of day in this world, but is still among us roaming freely, looking over us among his kind. The little angel is still loved and never forgotten. 

Most of the toys and toy boxes were done by me at that time. 

One of the most eye catching characteristics of the toy shop is the cherub ceiling which still looks so pretty.

 The Trio; The hobby horse, Bettina the tiny doll and her teddy are still in the shop. They were my very first toys that I made with polymer clay.

After all this time, the tiny shop has been calling out to me. I went to the shop and asked the shopkeeper and guardian to the toys if she needed anything. She told me that she was starting to feel tired. She told me that she couldn't keep the shop up to standards of Regent Street.  Finally she told me that she wanted to retire and asked me if there was someone to replace her. 

It came to me as a surprise, but I fully understood her wishes. It was a hard decision and quite difficult to find the right person. At the end the young Miss Ella arrived to Regent Street.

Mrs Ella Johnson is another beautiful doll made by my lovely friend and favourite doll maker Beverly Senatore.  Mrs Ella is in her mid thirties, a mother of two and is very kind to children. 

I offered Ella the task to take over the shop and she accepted whole heartily.

The retiring shopkeeper was happy with Mrs Ella and agreed that she was fit for purpose. 

I left her roam through the toy shop and I could see a sparkle in her eye. I am sure that we will be seeing some changes in the toy shop.

I am happy to say that there will be some new additions to the toy shop.  I think the toy shop does deserve more, especially for what it stands for. The additions will come gradually and it will be a side project. We will also be having a new story line for this project just like the rest.

This is all for today. Hope you like the new update for Regent Street. Keep tuned for more to come.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxxx


  1. A beautiful shop and wonderfully set out . perfect tribute for a little Angel big hugs xx

  2. This beautiful shop is a dream for children.

  3. Es fantástica con tantos detallitos.....
    Un abrazo

  4. Una tienda de juguetes muy apropiada para estos días , esta preciosa , encantadora!!.Un abrazo

    1. Thank you so much Teresa. Pleased that you like it. Hugs to you too x

  5. Estoy segura de que Miss Ella sabrá cuidar y atender esa preciosa juguetería a la perfección! Me gustará ver las nuevas adiciones!

    1. Thank you so much. I am sure that Miss Ella will do a fantastic job. Xxxx

  6. This particular dolls house always makes me emotional because of its meaning. Only a beautiful person like you, with a heart of gold, could create such beauty out of sorrow. That's what makes you so very special x

    1. Thank you so much José for your kind words. They mean so much to me. I really appreciate them. Xxx

  7. One of the great things about dollhouse building is that it's a healthy way to spend some hours in thought when you need to work through heavy emotions. The result here is stunning. I'm glad that it was time for a new owner to take over, it means the shop is ready for changes and to move on to good things. I look forward to seeing what she does!

    1. Thank you so much. I can't agree with you more. Looking forward to add more.