Thursday, 20 December 2018

Part 3 - Life & Style TV Show - The Book Case

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all fine and doing well. All set for Christmas? Can't believe how fast this month seemed to go by. 

Today I will be sharing with you a quick post. Thinking about it, with Today's entree we have reached the 300th blog post.

As you all know last Friday I was a guest on the Tv Show Life & Style where I am sharing a miniature project in progress. 

Last week I got to share a unfinished book case and the making of one of My Miniature World Books. The book collection keeps growing and so far I have reached the 90th Book. There are so many books that I still need to do to fill the whole library. 

During the show I got to show them how I make my miniature books. 

Here is one of the video clips during the TV Show.

I have used one of these bare wood book cases which is going to be part of the library.

I have stained it and decorated it accordingly and finally filled it with my miniature readable books that I have available for sale both in download and in kit form from My Miniature World Shop at Etsy

I am very happy how the bookcase turned out. Finally I am going to have my books displayed properly in a library. 

Tomorrow I will be once again on the Tv Show 'Life & Style' on the Maltese Channel Net TV at 12.50 pm. So make sure to keep tuned for the next installment on the library. 

Take Care and See You Soon,


Rebecca xxx


  1. It's so cool that you are on TV! You must be famous now in Malta!
    It's fantastic that you are spreading the news and hopefully other people will catch the miniature bug!

    1. Thank you so .much Veronique. I am really hoping that there are a few out there that will catch thr miniature bug x