Saturday, 26 January 2019

1904 Antique Miniature Book

Hello Everyone,

Once again another week has passed by and now here we are in the last weekend of January. Time does go by fast. Hope you are all fine and keeping warm. It has been very cold here. Winter is just not my cup of tea. Can't wait for my warmer days. 

Today I will be sharing with you my latest treasure that crossed my path without me looking for it. Funnily enough it came to me just at the right time, after I completed The Dickens Book Shop project.

 The little antique miniature book is 115 years old and it is called The Cricket on The Hearth by Charles Dickens. It is one of my favorite books by the author.

It has a soft leather cover which has seen better days, but I have to admit that the book is in pristine condition considering it's age. 

The book goes way back since 1904.

It has fine paper and is fully readable and has eight beautiful illustrations. 

The pages of the book are also edged with gold. 

I have to admit I am very happy with it. 

This miniature book inspired me to make another miniature readable book called, The Toymaker and His Blind daughter from The Cricket on The Hearth by Charles Dickens. It is an extract of the same  book. The nice thing about The Dickens Book Shop project is that it will never be complete. I  will keep on adding more of my own books and there will be several more books of Charles Dickens. 

Talking about the Dickens Book Shop project, I also wanted to share with you that the Dolls House Emporium have shared this project of their facebook page and other social media.

Thank you so much Dolls House Emporium for sharing and enjoying my work.

Hope you have liked the miniature book. Keep tuned for the next update on The Traditional Dolls House as Leah and I will continue working on it during the weekend. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. I love your books. I have all the collection. I should turn them in a library like yours and call it Becky's Library. Your books are so special. I can't wait to see the new books. You are an inspiration to all.

    1. Thank you so much Rita. Yes you have been collecting the miniature books over the past years. I am so glad that you like them. It will be an honor to have a library named after me. Thank you so much xxx

  2. Que tesoro has encontrado! digno de tu biblioteca!!!!

  3. So many achievements, and so many beautiful things that you make, that it's hard to keep up with you, Rebecca! Very proud of you!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Jose once again for your encouraging words. It makes me very happy that you are proud of me!