Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Tri-ang Dolls House No. 76.

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Hope you are doing well and that you are having a great week. I still can't believe that July is at its end. Summer is too short! I do enjoy having the kids with me and spend their summer break with them.

The new project is going well so far but today I wanted to share with you a new arrival to My Miniature World's Collection. The Tri-ang Dolls House No.76

Tri-ang Dolls House No 76.
Do you folks remember I had shared with you a huge big box that arrived on my birthday 12th June?  

I guess you could all tell it was probably a dolls house. It arrived safe and sound from the U.K. and the house is in immaculate condition. I have always wanted one of those British Tri-ang Dolls Houses just for the sake of having a 1:16  vintage scale model.

I have done some research of my own. Tri-ang dolls houses go way back between the 1930's and the late 1950's.

A picture from an old catalog

The description from the 1957 catalog reads:

'A fine house with a hinged front for access to the two large rooms. Curtains fitted to the opening metal framed windows. Sun-porch and seat with tiled floor. Complete with built-in garage fitted with opening doors. Red tiled roof.'

A Picture from the 1955 Catalog
I am pretty sure that my dolls house is the 1950's version. I can tell from the coloring of the windows, the coloring of the roof and even the logo at the Back. 

The No. 76 comes with two large rooms a front terrace and also a spacious garage.

One of the features that I like about this house is the hinged deep opening front. 

The two rooms contain the original wall paper and flooring which will remain intact even if they are slightly torn here and there. 

The ground floor

The first floor

The right hand side of the 1st floor

The right hand side of the 1st floor

The outside is in a very good condition. You can see some wear and tear over the years but that is to be expected after all this time. 

The roof is in a very good condition with it's vibrant red color and with it's original two chimneys.

At the upper back of the house, it still contains the Tri-ang logo.

The cardboard beam work in the front is completely intact.

The original hand painted floral pattern which is a Tri-ang feature in most of their dolls houses is still visible and sharp.  

All metal windows are functional with their original green and white colors and not to mention that they all contain their original spotted curtains. 

Another feature that I love about this dolls house is the front terrace which takes you to the main entrance.  It still has it's original seat at the back and the tiled flooring. 

We can't forget the spacious garage that there is on the other side with it's original hinged doors, door knobs and flooring.

It is very special to me and to find one of these in a mint condition is a bonus. No renovation works will be done to it. I can't wait to start furnishing it with vintage furniture pieces and accessories. 

Also I wanted to tell you that on the same day that I received mine,  my dear friend Jose also got his Tri-ang Dolls House No 61. We spoke of getting a Tri-ang and so here they are.

José's  Tri-ang dolls house No. 61 is much older. It goes way back from the 1930's with it's original black metal windows. The No. 61 is very similar to No 76. It is slightly smaller with some differences to the front. Knowing José he will be leaving it in its original state as it suits his style and purposes.

Visit José's Blog The Rust & Steel Miniatures to see the Tri-ang Dolls House No. 61. I am sure that he will be doing something special with it like all his other projects.

I will be keeping you updated from time to time with the additions to the Tri-ang dolls house so make sure to keep tuned.

Take Care and See You Soon. 


Rebecca xxx


  1. Dear Rebecca, your No 76 is awesome!! I can't believe we got our first Tri-ang at the same time!! Actually, I would have never gotten my dolls house if it wasn't for you!! Thanks for all your advice as a dolls house expert, and also for sharing a link to my blog, I feel very honored!! x

    1. Wonderful Blog José. So grateful that Rebecca shared it. I am impressed to see such priceless pieces, magnificent works of art and treasures. You are a very lucky guy to have a wingmate such as Rebecca by your side. Two brilliant artists working together is out of this world. Keep up the good work.

    2. Thank you so much for your kind words!!! It's a great pleasure when one's work touches the right cord, it sure helps to keep one going! And Indeed, I'm very lucky with Rebecca by my side; she's an inspiration to me, and encourages me to push myself further and further! Even though we're miles apart, I wouldn't know what to do without her support!

    3. Thank you so much José. Indeed we did get our first Tri-ang together. It is great to share this with you xxx

  2. Such a beautiful house and in such mint condition for its age. These pieces are so rare to come by. It is very lucky to be part of your growing collection. If I ever make it to Malta I will definitely visit to see these magnificent dolls houses and to see the beauty behind them all.

    1. Thank you so much Juan for your kind words. Maybe one day you will visit!

  3. Mary Whitelock28 July 2019 at 13:44

    Congratulations to you both on such wonderful Dollshouses. What a match! Two talented artists from two different countries working together on the things they love the most. Very unique and very rare to come by. You can say you are soulmates. Keep up the good work! Hope we'll get to see great projects done from both of you in the future. Now that will be a treat! You'll both be famous for it! You are very lucky to have each other!

    1. Thank you so much Mary for your lovely comments. I can't agree with you more. We do a great team working together on our Miniature projects, supporting and encouraging one another, helping each other in tough patches and inspire each other. Very lucky indeed!

  4. Wow, I have one of these but it is in a very poor state more like José's. Yours looks like brand new. You can't even tell that it goes back years. Will you be adding accessories and furniture? So curious to see how you will decorate it. By the way totally love your blog!

    1. Hi Lora thank you so much for your kind words. Yes I will be decorating the dolls house and try to add vintage pieces as much as possible. So make sure to follow the updates. I am pleased that you like the blog.