Friday, 23 August 2019

Miss Jane and her Portrait!

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and you're looking forward to the weekend. Definitely I am looking forward to it so I can continue working on my project Pembroke Grange.

Today I want to share with you someone very special. Let's say that she is my inspiration behind the project that I am working on. 

Pembroke Grange is inspired by the British novel 'Pride & Prejudice' written by one of my favorite  romantic authors Jane Austen. If I had to pick my favorite books written by her they would be Sense and Sensibility (1811) and obviously Pride & Prejudice (1813).

While doing my research for the project on the Regency Period, I came across the sketched portrait of Jane Austen herself. It is thought that the portrait was sketched by her sister Cassandra back in 1810. I printed the little portrait on canvas and also printed the 3D frame for my project.

 From there I wanted to know a little bit more about Jane Austen. Jane was born 16th December 1775 in Hampshire England. She didn't come from a wealthy family but she was quite the accomplished young lady. Apart from her education and helped with the house shores, she knew how to play the piano and was quite the dancer. She was very close to her father and her older sister Cassandra. Getting to know Jane Austen I could see her life and character being reflected in her six major novels. Unfortunately the world lost Jane Austen at the very young age of 41. Her death was caused by her illness known as the Addison Disease  on 18th July, 1817. 

I also came across another painting of Jane Austen. I am quite sure that this was not an original painting but just an interpretation of the sketched portrait of Jane Austen. The Austens definitely couldn't afford being painted especially after the death of Jane's father. I am sure who painted this interpretation of Jane Austen made a great job.  I also downside the painting and printed it on canvas and made another frame with my 3D printer. 

Looking at the painting of the young Jane Austen a thought came to my mind. I contacted my friend and favorite doll maker Beverley Senatore  and after a few weeks she made a doll inspired by the painting just for me. I would say that the doll is an older version of the teenage girl in the painting. 

Jane Austen

I was blown away with the doll that Beverley made for me. Jane's facial expressions are just perfect. 

I am so happy with the lovely doll. From here I would love to thank Beverley for such an amazing job. No matter what I ask from her she always surprises me. Beverley, I am sure that you made Jane Austen proud.

Miss Jane eventually will be residing in my Pembroke Grange once it is all done and ready.  I hope you like her as much as I do. It warms my heart knowing that I have a miniature Jane Austen roaming around my dolls houses. 

Off I go to continue working on Pembroke Grange. Make sure to keep tuned for the next update.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Hermoso retrato para que Miss Jane pueda lucir en su casa.
    Un saludo

  2. Rebecca, you're not only a gifted artist, but also a very lucky person to have someone like Beverly as your friend. She understands your wishes and creates dolls that are perfect for your projects. Congratulations, and looking forward to see Pembroke Grange develop further!!

    1. Thank you so much José, I have to agree with you that I am very lucky to have a Beverley as a friend and that we get to see eye to eye. She is an amazing doll maker and it thanks to her that my dolls houses look alive.

  3. I can tell you are very sensitive lady Rebecca who turns her deepest feeling into art. Very intrigued to know more about this project.

    1. Thank you Juan, I can't wait to contuine working on this dolls house.