Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Tri-ang No. 76 gets it's Kitchen!

Hello everyone,

I hope your Summer is treating you well! August is our hottest month of the year. This week Mother Nature decided to set a BBQ and apparently she is trying it on the tiny island of Malta. It is really hot so staying outdoors is not an option. I don't mind it at all as I get to work more on my dolls houses. 

As the girls got to work on the kitchen in the Traditional Dolls House, I got to furnish the kitchen in my Vintage Tri-ang Dolls House No. 76.

The kitchen is situated in the first room of the dolls house. Being a vintage 1:16 scale dolls house, I opted to decorate it with vintage furniture pieces and accessories. 

The first pieces of furniture to arrive were the 1950's Barton dining table and chairs. They are quite cute and for the table I managed to find a vintage Lundby Breakfast set. 

Barton dining table set

Lundby breakfast set
 I also found this cute Dol Toi kitchen sink which matched with the other furniture pieces. 

Dol Toi kitchen sink
I came across some nice Barrett & Sons miniature pieces. My favorite  piece is the cooker with some pots and frying pan. 

Barrett & Sons Cooker
In the corner I added the vintage metal vacuum-cleaner. 

Barrett & Sons Vacuum-cleaner
I had this side board by Oakleaf which came with the Tudor Manor. It looked nice in the room. I added a few accessories to it. A Vintage working lamp which I still need to fix. A vintage flower pot and a Barrett & Sons metal telephone. 

Oakleaf side board with accessories
On the adjacent wall I have added an early Barton Dresser with some vintage accessories as well.

Early Barton  dresser
I still need to add a few more accessories to it. My favorite pieces are the metal Barrett & Sons metal pot and the salt and pepper. 

Barrett & Sons pot and Salt & Pepper
Finally the last piece and in my opinion the most prestige one in the whole room is the metal 1930's gas heater. Don't know much about it but it is made in Germany according to its markings.

Miniature metal gas heater

Here are few more pictures of the room.

I hope you like how I have decorated this room. I will be adding a few accessories here and there when I come across something that I really like. I am quite happy how it turned out. 

So this is all for today. Will be updating you very soon so make sure to keep tuned. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. WOW, it turned out wonderful! What a galore of beautiful, vintage pieces, I love them all!! The Barrett & Sons items are my favorites! Very well done, Rebecca!!

    1. Thank yo so much José. I am so glad you liked them. I have to admit the Barrett & Sons items are my favorites too.

  2. It was wonderful to see this post. I have both a Tri-ang and an Amersham dollhouse and am always on the lookout for pieces to furnish them. I knew about Lundby and had heard of Dol Toi but the other two manufacturers are new to me.

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad that you found this post useful.

  3. I'm new to dollhouses and having so much fun seeing what's possible to do with them.. and I'm learning all the time! I love the Lundby size furnishings, etc. and am using it for another house that my husband is finishing the outside for me. It was already built, but still only the raw wood, so it's been time consuming to get just the inside papered, etc. Love what you do with your decorating!

    1. Thank you so much and good luck with this wonderful hobby of dolls houses. Enjoy it to the full. xxx

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