Monday, 22 June 2020

Zinc Roof for Le Château

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. It has been a busy weekend and finally I got to finish the roof for the new project 'Le Château'. It took a while to complete but at the end I managed to get it right. 

For this particular house and having a French style design, I decided to do a zinc roof. It is quite a long process. Fixing the battens in the right angles and make sure that they have the same distance between one and the other is not an easy task. It actually reminded me of the world's situation at the moment with the social distancing. It made me smile.  At least the battens will abide to the rule. 

Once the battens were done. I painted the roof in grey and let it dry.

While waiting for the roof to dry. I worked on the chimneys and the dormer windows. 

I wasn't very happy with the dormer windows. The window frame didn't have any muntins so I decided to design and make my own. 

I think the windows do look much better. 

The last task was to add the details to the roof by weathering it.  It took me a few hours to get it right. Finally I can say it is ready. 

There is a good chance that more details will be added to the roof once I complete the front and side walls of the house. 

I hope you like what I have done so far.

I am looking forward to continue working on the rest of the house, so make sure to keep tuned for the next update.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. hermoso realmente un buen trabajo .... muy lindo felicidades

  2. Goodness - you did such a great Job on the zonc roof. So very on the spot. DHE's promo pics fall so short of Imagination compared this. And I love the improvements on the dormers', too. Lovely as always.

    1. Thank you so much Michael. I am so glad that you like it. I have to say I am very pleased how it turned out.

  3. You always leave me speechless sweet Rebecca! That roof looks spectacular. Never expected anything like that but of course I never expected anything less from your mastery. You definitely added a much needed touch to the windows. A job well done.

  4. Un tejado impecable,bravo!!