Wednesday, 28 October 2020

A New Painting for J.R. Art Gallery

 Hello Everyone,

Here we are once again. Hope you are all keeping safe. It has been a very busy week and I can't believe how fast the days seem to go by. October passed so quickly and soon we will be preparing for Christmas. 

I am very proud to share with you the latest new painting that has been added to J.R. Art Gallery in Regent Street. Mr. Rookie is very happy with it.  

The new painting is called 'The Swan' painted by my dearest friend and fellow miniaturist José Pereira Torrejón. 

'The Swan' painting found it's place among José's other paintings; 'The Humming Bird', 'The Secret Garden' and 'The Cupola' .

The painting is so beautiful. I love the blending of it's colors considering that it is a miniature. It looks so rich in the gallery. 

'The Swan' painting has a story behind it. It is the ninth of a series of paintings that José painted for his own Conservatory Project. The paintings are so detailed and beautiful that give the Conservatory a very unique and special touch. You can visit The Rust & Steel Miniatures Blog to see The Paintings of The Conservatory. You will be impressed with José's work. 

I would like to thank José for such an amazing painting. It is an honor to have his work in J.R. Art Gallery.

So this is all for today. Keep tuned for the next update on 'Le Château'.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Preciosa pintura otra joya del arte para la galería!!

  2. Beautiful work Rebecca. You are very lucky to have these amazing paintings in your gallery. Congratulations to both you and José for sharing and working together.

  3. En verdad que es hermosa.
    Disfruta mucho su visión.
    Un saludo

  4. Thanks so much, dear Rebecca, for the honor! You're really giving me way too much credit! :) Glad you liked it, and found a place for it in your amazing art gallery! x