Friday, 8 October 2021

House Keeping in 'Le Château'.

 Hello Everyone,

Are you all set for another weekend? Hope you are all well. As 'Le Château' is almost done and ready, the new family will soon be moving in so our lovely Maid Margo and the amazing Cook Inès are already preparing to welcome his lordship and his family in their new home. 

The lovely maid Margo.  She is always on the go.  She wakes up early and spends her days doing shores. After a day's work she go helps Inès, the cook. The poor thing doesn't have time to rest so the best way is to bathe her swollen ankles in warm water.

Margo the maid

Then there is the wonderful cook Inès who you will find busy in the kitchen. 

Inès The Cook

Inès is preparing dinner in her lovely kitchen. I have decorated the kitchen table with my own sculptured polymer clay miniatures. 

Inès and Margot to get along quite well.  Here are some pictures of how the complete kitchen. The lovely dolls were made by my dear friend and doll artist Beverley Senatore.

I hope you like how the kitchen turned out. I have to say I am very pleased with the outcome.

This is all for today, make sure to keep tuned for the next updates. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxxx


  1. Son unos personajes maravillosos.
    Tu palacio tendrá buena compañía.
    Un saludo

  2. Wonderful it's truly amazing what you have done. You are so talented Rebecca xxxx