Thursday, 11 November 2021

Celebrating 10 YEARS of BLOGGING!

 Hello everyone,

Good morning Everyone! Are you all looking forward to the weekend? Just a quick post that I am sure some of you will enjoy. For the month of November we are celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary since the start of My Miniature World Blog.

I can't believe that it's been that long since I started this blog. It brings so many sweet memories and it is a good way to keep my work and progress documented to date. It had opened so many opportunities to meet people and to share my work and art with the rest of the world.  My Miniature World now showcases over 35 dolls house projects which you can all find through this blog. 

Today My Miniature World blog has 328 followers apart from the other social media platforms. In these 10 years I have shared over 40 dolls house projects in 458 blog posts. As the number keeps changing so far it had over 545,000 views.

This year My Miniature World has ranked 4th place in the Top 40 Dolls House Blog and Websites and ranked 23rd place in the Top 100 Miniature Blog and Websites. 

I am very pleased that My Miniature World Blog has achieved so much and it's all thanks to you followers, friends and fans. The blog has changed in so many ways and I am thankful that it can be an inspiration to others. 

Here are some photos behind the scenes. 

Before closing this post, I want to thank everyone here, who has given me support and encouragement to reach where I am today. From the depth of my heart, I  can't thank you enough. "THANK YOU"

Part of the celebration and to show my appreciation here comes another Give-Away to my faithful followers. 

Here is the miniature book called Christmas Morning which will be very useful  in the next few weeks before Christmas.

To get a chance to get this miniature book you have to:

1) Be or Become a follower of My Miniature World Blog.

2) Leave a comment down below so I'll know you want to take part. 

Closing Date is 30th November 2021. I will be announcing the lucky winner shortly afterwards.

So don't miss your chance!

That is all for today. Will keep you posted with some new updates, so make sure to keep tuned.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Thank you for making our miniworld brighter.xxoo

  2. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  3. Hi I want to win this precious book

  4. Congratulations! And I would love to be entered in your mini book give away!!

  5. Such a fantastic site with Loads of inspiration

  6. Oh my Word ..What a fantastic site ..Such Inspiration ...

  7. Theresa Ulbrich 11/12/21
    I would love to be entered in the giveaway.also join the site. I love joining miniature sites to get new ideas. And share mine.Thank you so much.

  8. Muchas felicidades por esos 10 años y que sean muchos más!!!

  9. Wauw, it's such a wonderful and amazing miniature you make.

  10. Found your blog last year and have read it all. Beautiful, inspiring work.

  11. Congratulations Rebecca! It is creative, hard working and dedicated bloggers like you that keep our incredible community inspired! Your body of work is amazing, and I hope we are back here in another 10 years celebrating the next 35 beautiful projects that you have added to the shop!

  12. I have been making some miniature books today, but to win yours would be far more special, of course.
    Congratulations on doing so well.

  13. felicidades por esos 10 años!

  14. Congratulations! You're a great miniaturist.
    Your giveaway is beautiful; I love miniature books.

  15. As always your site provides much inspiration and lovely things to look at. Please do consider me for the giveaway...thank you!

  16. You are an inspiration! Thank 7ou

  17. Thank you for all your blogs and wonderful stories of the lives and adventures of the residents of myminiatureworld.