Monday, 15 November 2021

Closing the Curtains to 'Le Château"

 Hello Everyone,

How are you all? Hope you had a great weekend. I am very pleased to say that the dolls house project "Le Chateau' is complete. The 18th Century French style dolls house took me 1 year and 5 months to complete. 

 I am really pleased with the outcome and I still can't believe that I was the one to complete. 

Here are individual photos of each room. 

So we start off with the entrance hall, which leads to the sitting room on the left and the kitchen on the right. 

Entrance Hall

The sitting room also leads to the dining room at the back. 

Sitting Room

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

On the first floor you will find another hallway matching the one below that also leads to the bedrooms. 

The little gir's room is situated on the left and on the right you will find the main bedroom.

Felicia's Bedroom

Main Bedroom

On the second floor you will find the library and the study. 
The Library 

The Study

This completes the project. 

It  looks wonderful all lit up. I am very proud of my work. 

I hope you liked following the progress of this project.

This is all for today. Make sure to keep tuned for the new project. Miss Holly is really excited to share with you her Christmas Cheer. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. That is a fabulously decorated dollhouse. You have done a splendid, commendable job! WOW WOW WOW That should be in a museum. Congratulations on all your very hard work and dedication. Susan

    1. Thank you so much for kind words. Well in a way it is in a museum where visitors can have to chance to visit and see.

  2. Fantastic work dear Rebecca. I am so fascinated by the minute details put into this project. Your work is outstanding! It is marvelous that you share it so many can enjoy your talented gift. Well done and thank you

  3. Wonderful work.
    Es una obra espectacular.
    Un saludo