Monday, 7 November 2011

The Kitchen

 I will be showing you individual photos of each room of my dolls house ‘Chestnuts’.  I had called it ‘Chestnuts’ as I had finished it just a couple of days before Christmas. The house has 9 rooms in total including the basement.

Today I’ll be sharing with you my kitchen. It’s quite Victorian with the blue and white colors. As you can see all the furniture is hand made. I have also painted the edging of the furniture in blue so the furniture won’t look that plain.

The Kitchen

I have also made a few accessories like the chair cushions in checkered blue and white material. The small cake that you see on the table is done by me  too. It is made out of 3 buttons. As it is a 3 tier cake the first 2 tiers where plain buttons and the top button was a golden fancy button and it just look perfect as a topping for a cake.

My favorite item in the kitchen is Jennifer the cook. She looks wonderful and makes the kitchen look lived in. I’m very please with her.

So that all for the kitchen. I will be back to share more with you. Enjoy.
Take Care
Rebecca xx


  1. This is beautiful Rebecca, I love the colours you've used. I can't believe you made all of the furniture! You are very talented. Love Clare x

    1. Thank you so much I really appreciate it xxxx