Friday, 11 November 2011

The Main Bedroom

Today I will be sharing with you the main Bedroom.
The Main Bedroom
As this is a Victorian dolls house, in that era it was very fashionable that a canopy hangs over the headrest of the bed. I have used the same material for the bedding, curtains, bed stool and chaise lounge. I have used a pale blue for this room which makes it look warm and rich.

All the furniture is hand made and all the doors and drawers open. Most of the accessories have been purchased and collected through the years from the Dolls House Emporium.  I have also tapestried  a big carpet for this room. Most of the hanging frames I have printed and turned them in to frames. One of the frames is hand crafted with beads and wire.

I have also hand crafted a fan which I placed on the chaise lounge. I have used a small piece of lace. folded it in several folds, used a little bit of glue on one side of the folds. opened it in to a fan, used transparent nail varnish to harden the fan then decorated it.

That's all for today will be sharing with you the other rooms very soon. 

Take Care

Rebecca x

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  1. A very pretty room. I love the wall hanging and the carpet works really well. What a good idea and such patience to create one specially for the room. I may try to make a fan for my Curiosity shop, now I know how.