Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Nursery

Hello once again,

Thank you Claudia and Angie for your lovely comments.

Today I’m going to share with you my favorite room in ‘Chestnuts’; The Nursery. It took me quite some time to complete with all the little finishings and toys. The children who live in this house are very lucky. They have so many toys and a nanny to look after them and to keep them busy.
The Nursery
Well after choosing the wall paper and carpet. I had quite a lot of work to complete it. As you can see the furniture is hand made too. First I painted the furniture with a white undercoat and then I painted it with a old blue color. After the paint was dried I finely sand papered the blue paint where you can see some of the white undercoat. So  it made the nursery look a bit old too.

The Crib
Then I started the bedding and soft furnishings. I have crocheted the bed spread for the bed and also decorated the lovely cradle with lace and ribbons. I have made cushions, the center carpet and other blankets. Some of the toys are hand made too. The mobile of the cradle has been made by myself too. With string, beads in the form of ducks and some wire.

Some of the other toys that I have made was the rocking horse.

My two little dolls.

Two little dolls made out of pipe cleaner, small sticky bandage for their body, a bead for their head,  tread for their hair, ribbon for their dresses and gyps for their hands and feet.

Jack in the Box

My favorite; Jack in the box was made out of wood, a bead for his head, some material for his dress, Tread for his hair, a biro spring for his body and a small pill's casing for his hat and paint.

My bunny frames

I have also mad these lovely two wall bunny pictures. They are patch worked. They took me quite some time and patience to craft, but they where worth the effort.

The Non Working lamp transformed
Finally we have the non working nursery table lamb which I transformed. As this was my first dolls house that had been built around 8 years ago, there wasn't much choice. This non working nursery table lamp I had purchased i from the Dolls house Emporium collection which has matching book ends. I was so trilled when I bought it but at the same time a little disappointed. It was a pity that it didn't work. A brilliant idea popped in my brain which worked to perfection. It’s lamp shade at first was made out of paper decorated with frills and lace; so I removed the lace from the paper and removed the shade from the lamp. Instead of the paper I used a frosted paper much stronger, decorated the frosted shade with the same lace and frills and while gluing the shade to the lamp I inserted the bulb and wiring. And there the non working lamp was transformed into a working lamp which made the nursery look warmer too.

I hope you liked this room as this is truly my favorite. Will be posting more very soon. So keep tuned.

Take Care and See you all soon.


Rebecca x


  1. hi rebecca beautiful blog much kisses charles

  2. What a lovely room, Rebecca ! You´re really very talented at creating all these beautiful pieces. Transforming the lamp into a working one sounds so sophisticated, it was well worth it.