Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Sitting / Dining Room


Thank you all for those who started to follow me and thank you too for your kind comments.

Today I will be sharing with you The sitting / dining room of Chestnuts.

The sitting / dining room in Chestnuts

 The furniture is hand crafted.  The table cloth is crocheted and I have made a carpet (tapestry)  made by myself too. The fire place was painted in a way to look like marble. As it was my first dolls house, today I see many faults in it but it is still my favorite.

I love this room as it look very cosy especially as I enjoy hearing the working grand father clock ticking.

During Christmas time it is one of my favorite rooms as it is decorated with Christmas decorations. I will be posting some photos of it decorated just in time for Christmas.

Well I guess this is it! 

Will posting more rooms very soon. 

Rebecca xxx

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