Saturday, 11 August 2012

'Le Forge' - Finally Completed!

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend. Firstly I wanted to welcome a new follower of my blog. WELCOME Ellise!

Today is quite a big day! Finally 'Le Forge' is totally completed. It took me almost 9 months to complete but I am just thrilled that it is ready. I also have a lot of mixed feelings as I am feeling a bit sad that I won't work on it anymore. After finishing a project I always feel a bit sorry like I am leaving a best friend behind but then again I always look forward to start off a new project or house. In these circumstances I am looking forward to the new baby and a new cottage.
'Le Forge'
At the moment 'Le Forge' is my crown jewel from all the projects that I have made so far. I was really afraid to start it as I wasn't sure if I was capable to do what I pictured in my mind but everything fitted in perfectly. The Gate House kit from the Dolls House Emporium was amazing even if I have altered it and added to it. I guess that is the fun of it all! Trying to make it as unique and original as much as possible.I really enjoyed making my own furniture and miniatures too for this project. 

Well here are quite some photos of it with new accessories and pieces added in the last few months. For the next couple of weeks I will be taking it easy as baby is almost round the corner. In the mean time I will still continue making some new miniatures and also I might start preparing for my new project 'The Woodcutter's Cottage'. 

So please keep tuned as I still have much to share. I hope you all like the finished 'Le Forge'.

Take Care and see you soon.

Rebecca xxx

Le Forge

Inside 'Le Forge'

The Blacksmith's Forge

The Back Garden

The Living area

The Sleeping Quarters

The Water Closet


  1. Hi Rebecca :) I have enjoyed following this fantastic project. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful work. Take care.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria, I am so happy that you enjoyed following step by step the building of 'Le Forge'. You are very welcome. Take Care and see you soon. xxx

  2. Lovely to see it all complete, it really is a work of art :).

    1. Thank you so much Diane. I really appreciate it and I am so glad that you like it. Take Care xxx

  3. Beautiful! You must be so proud of it completed! And it didn't take you too long either! It is truly something to be proud of, a work of art with so many little works of art inside. Well done! x

    1. Thank you so much my dear Erin. I am so thrilled that you liked it. I can't even believe it myself that I actually finished it. Take Care xxx