Saturday, 23 February 2019

Introducing the New Project 'The Miniaturist' on Life & Style

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are well and you are enjoying your weekend. The weather is very cold here and has been raining all afternoon. It's just right to stay indoors to keep you lovely people updated with my on-goings. 

Today I will be introducing the new project called 'The Miniaturist'. This new project is another roombox which will be placed on top of 'The Dickens Book Shop' and will be shared during the 'Life & Style' TV Show on Net TV Channel.

I started off by measuring and cutting out the wood to fit exactly on the Library.

Like with every project I gave it an undercoat of paint and used the same textured paint for the outside.

After all the wood panels were set and painted, I assembled the new room box. This time there will be two rooms  which will have a small kitchen and the room that belongs to the miniaturist.

For the miniaturist's room I wanted to make a wood stove which I have built from scratch using cardboard and wood plaster.

At first I have to admit I wasn't sure about it but then my eyes settled to it.

I have cut the wall paper and the flooring for both rooms and I have also included a false door at the back of the miniaturist room to give the impression that there are more rooms behind.

Friday 15th February it was time for me to take the new project to the TV Show Life and Style were Marbeck Spiteri and I introduced 'The Miniaturist' to the audience.

Marbeck and I

Here is the clip of the new project.

Here is the second part of the show were you can see the first glimpse of the room so far.

Here are a few photos of how the room box looks like so far. I am looking forward to continue working on it.

Hope you liked what I have done so far. Keep tuned for the next update on this project.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Looks wonderful so far. I love the tiles in the kitchen.

    1. Thank you so much Yvette. I am glad you like them x

  2. Un bonito proyecto con un precioso comienzo!!! La estufa genial!!

  3. It's looking great already, Rebecca!! Can't wait to see it develop further! :)