Tuesday, 29 October 2019

The Georgian Display on "Illum Ma' Steph" TV Show

Hello everyone,

Hope you are having a good week. The weather is awful and we it has been raining including thunder and lightning. It is the perfect weather to stay inside, keeping warm and working on miniature projects.

Like I promised, today I will be sharing with a small new project that I did in just a couple of days for the TV Show "Illum Ma' Steph" (meaning "Today with Steph" ) for TVM Channel. 

Apart from sharing photos of my work on the show they wanted me to take one of my projects to the studio. As they are quite bulky to carry I thought of making a new miniature display which consisted of two walls and a flooring. I called this project The Georgian Display.

Georgian Display

A few days before I was working on a few furniture pieces that I am to use for my Pembroke Grange.

I had so much fun working on the sofa, the armchair with its matching stool and a chair. Apart from those I had also worked on a small hall table and a wine table with the only intention of using them for my ongoing Regency project.  

I needed to come with a small project fast so the setting had some borrowed accessories from my other projects.

All the other pieces are basically hand painted by my father or myself. which will also be part of Pembroke Grange and Mr. Rookie generously lent me a few art pieces from his J.R. Art Gallery.

The beautiful lady standing in a ballgown was made by my dear friend and doll maker Beverley Sanatore. I have had her for a couple of years saving her for a special project but last week she was brought out to shine in the spot light.

The show was a great success and it was great sharing my work  and a few of my projects with the telespectators.  

For those who would like to see my slot in the show here is the video clip.

I would like to thank Stephine Spiteri for inviting me to her show and giving me the opportunity to share my work. 

Here are some more photos of the Georgian Display.

I hope you like what I have done. It will be hard to put all the pieces back to their rightful projects. But I am pleased how it turned out for the show.

So this is all for today. Will be sharing an update about my Pembroke Grange very soon, maybe with the new furniture pieces that I used for the project. Make sure to keep tuned.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. You never cease to impress me. The furniture pieces are so delicate and made with so much attention. Only such an artist like you can achieve this. Well done.

    1. Thank you so much Juan. I really appreciate it!

  2. Ha quedado preciosa.
    Un saludo

  3. I am in awe of your craftsmanship. A true artist. Each and every item in the rooms are so realistic, so detailed. What a wonderful adventure it was to tour your blog. Best of luck to you and success for you are so talented. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Denise for your kind words. I really appreciate it xxx