Thursday, 18 August 2016

The New Bedroom in Sea Shells

Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your week and keeping busy. I am slightly under the weather. Got myself a bad cold in the middle of Summer. It is just awful....but I am sure I will survive it. 

Before I started I wanted to welcome a new follower to my Blog. Welcome Magical Miniatures Ashbrook Studios.

So I can say that the bedroom in the Summer House Sea Shells is pretty much done and I like the new style and details.

So this small tiny bed room now has been changed for the third time. What can I say I was never happy with it. 

The first time I had decorated it looks pretty but very Victorian. Even if it was pretty it didn't really match with the style of the Summer House. Too warm in my opinion. 

It didn't last long. After a couple of months very close to a year I changed all the furniture.

The Second time the decor looked more Summery with the pine furniture and I kept it like this for the rest of the years until the last couple of months. 

For some reason I just can't get it right and I know the reason why. The room is too small, Apart from the room being too small. The ceiling doesn't help and as you can see the staircase ends almost in the middle of the flooring. 

At this point my only solution for this room was to eliminate some of the furniture and add more detail. As posted previously it was a good thing to add some beams to the ceiling. I tried to use most of the pieces that I already had for the room. I changed the bed and went for a small bed. At least it gives the idea that there is a bed.

As I have changed the wall paper I also made the pretty bedding for the bed.

New Bed with the new bedding
On top of the bed I thought of adding a small shelf to keep some books and a teddy.

Still I didn't know what I was going to do with the other pieces of furniture. I was sure that I wanted to keep the small side table. I call it the multi purpose side table. It could have been easily used as a desk and even as a dressing table. 

I still wasn't sure what to do on the other side. I thought of adding a chest of drawers but thinking about it, it would have looked too bulky.  I originally had a chest but it looked to small to put by the side and it didn't have much need in the room. But then I saw the chest differently instead of displaying it closed I thought to myself  What if I had to open it...???? Then ideas started flooding in. The possibility were endless. What if the chest held some old pieces that belonged to the lady during her child hood??? And so I decided to decorate the chest.

I have added some accessories that I had used in the previous settings, I added a few of my own miniature books too.

As there was also the small old sewing machine I added a mannequin that I had stashed and I covered it with some fabric.

Still it needed something grand for the little room. Something special was needed so for some reason I thought of adding a tiny dolls house. I had to be careful what kind of dolls house I wanted to fit in the room. I didn't want it to be big and with that idea came another picture in mind. I thought What about making a miniature copy of the Summer House...? The more I pictured it, the more I liked it. Was I capable of making a 1:144 scale dolls house?????? You bet I was!

To make the small house I used carpenter's cardboard, tooth picks and polymer clay. And this is what I made and I love it!

The Summer House with the small miniature

The Summer House in 1:144 scale

Inside the Summer House
There is a big chance that I will end up decorating the small house with some nice tiny furniture too.

And so this is how the room looks.

 And here is a picture of the inside of the house with both rooms.

I hope you like what I have done so far. I might add some more details here and there and I still need to finish the outside. So keep tuned for the next update.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. I love both version. The miniature dollhouse is lovely. Hugs

    1. Thank you so much Melli, I am so glad that you like it. Hugs xxx

  2. Brilliant results. I love this summer house, it´s beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much Alexandra for your kind words. I am thrilled you love it xxx

  3. I don't know how I missed so much of this house. What a wonderful transformation. The kitchen with all the new details are perfect and that little bedroom is just right. I don't know how manage to do things. That little house is an ace. You rock.

    1. Thank you so much Marie for your lovely comments. I really do my best to make them as perfect as possible. As how I manage, unfortunately I don't even know myself but I think it is a thing what I call a balance. You have to find time for everything even for your hobby xxxx