Monday, 21 December 2020

10th Day of Christmas - Visiting Matquel's Antiques & China Shop

 Hello Everyone,

"On The Twelve Days of Christmas, Miss Holly will be visiting Regent Street to bring joy and wonder during the magical time of Christmas. "

Miss Holly woke up very early, she was set to visit Matquel's Antiques & China Shop as she promised Quelina the day before. 

Matquel's Antiques & China Shop was the first establishment to open in Regent Street. Now it was run by Quelina and her brother Matty. 

Matquel's needed a face-lift and a refurbishment.  Quelina asked Miss Holly to drop by at the shop to give her some ideas how to go about it. She also told her that she will find the new shopkeeper that they hired a few months ago. Miss Helen was going to be there waiting for her. 

Miss Holly had gotten a small antique cherub angel statue to welcome Miss Helen to the community.  She thought it was the perfect gift for the young lady.

She knew that the little cherub will make Miss Helen quite happy. Miss Holly entered the shop and introduced herself. She presented Miss Helen with the little statue and welcomed her to the community. 

Miss Helen was waiting for the pretty young lady and she was exactly as she expected her to be. Miss Helen was advised by Quelina to treat Miss Holly as part of their family. After all Holly was like a sister to them. Helen was  thrilled with the little statue that Miss Holly gave her as a gift and was very thankful. 

Both the young ladies found the right spot for it in the shop for the time being among the antique and fine china pieces. Helen had a feeling that she found a true friend in Miss Holly.

Miss Holly gave a spin around the shop to see what was needed to be done. Miss Helen felt at home and she was so happy being part of Regent Street and it's community. 

This is all for today. Make sure to keep tuned for the 11th Day of Christmas. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Beautiful photos Rebecca and story. That cherub is really cute but you are cuter.

  2. Wow, Rebecca, you did a truly wonderful job with that cherub, it's so beautifully painted and detailed! Nice story and pictures too!!

  3. Your lovely story made my day better, thank you so very much.

  4. Love this daily, on-going saga....Thanks so much! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

  5. Esa figura es preciosa. Es un niño encantador.
    Un saludo