Wednesday, 16 December 2020

5th Day of Christmas - Visiting J.R. Art Gallery

 Hello Everyone,

"On The Twelve Days of Christmas, Miss Holly will be visiting Regent Street to bring joy and wonder during the magical time of Christmas. "

Today Miss Holly was all set to visit the gallery that was set right in the beginning of Regent Street; J.R. Art Gallery. She was always fascinated with the eye catching paintings that the gallery possessed. The paintings were painted by various artists and some were also painted by Mr. Rookie himself. 

In the past few days when she walked by the gallery she noticed that there was no paintings in any relation with Christmas.  

Ms. Holly had the right painting to fit the gallery with a true meaning of Christmas. Any artist with an eye for detail would see right through it she thought. 

She made her way to the shop with the bulky painting at hand. 

Mister Rookie was so surprised to see Miss Holly with a painting. Although she had visited the gallery a few times with great interest to art, he would have never imagined her to have any interest in the trading of paintings. 

She walked slowly to the counter with the painting and asked Mr. Rookie if he would be interest in this particular painting.

Mr. Rookie was very intrigued with the painting. He took the painting gently from Ms. Holly's poor hands and placed it on the counter to examine it for himself. 

The painting was beautiful. It had two small poor children sleeping in the same bed. The room looked like an attic, with a small cross hanging from the wall. The bed blankets were torn and the children didn't have much warm clothing but still looked content.  To the left of the bed there was a frail looking Christmas Tree that seemed to be standing what looked like some sort of a bed side table. He asked Miss Holly from where she acquired such a piece. 

She told him that the painting was called 'Christmas Morning' painted by the German artist Agathe Röstel.  Mr. Rookie studied the painting further and by the end of his thoroughly examination he had tears in his eyes. 

 He placed the painting on an easel, turned to Miss Holly and asked her for the price. She looked puzzled and told him that it was a gift. She told him what her intentions were for this Christmas and told him that the painting would give the gallery that special touch. 

He was impressed with Miss Holly's kind intention. He promised her that he would never trade the painting to anyone and that it will remain in the gallery, part of his own collection. Through the painting he could see the true meaning of Christmas. No matter how little one can have. No matter how insignificant one life can seem, you can still be content and happy if you believe in the Wonder of Christmas. 

They gave their best wishes to each other and just before Miss Holly left the gallery, she could hear a little girl singing a Christmas carol. She turned to see from where the singing was coming from. Mr. Rookie only smiled back and told her that it was little Heather singing to her dolls from the room above.  Miss Holly nodded and said her farewells knowing that the next day she will be visiting little Heather. 

This is all for today, keep tuned for tomorrow's 6th Day of Christmas. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Aww, Rebecca, this is yet another very sweet and heartfelt posting, very well done!! I can imagine mister Rookie is thrilled with miss Holly's painting; it's a wonderful piece with a very special message! Great photo's too! Love it!

    1. Thank you so much José, I am so glad you liked it. I love the painting. Wish I had one in full size for myself.

  2. I am intrigued, will be here tomorrow for more of your Christmas tale.

    1. Thank you so much Logan. Hope you'll enjoy the rest.

  3. Me da la impresión que Miss Holly tenia estas visitas muy bien estudiadas.
    un saludo

  4. This has to be one of my favourite stories. You are so good at this and has really touched my heart.