Tuesday, 22 December 2020

11th Day of Christmas - Visiting The Miniaturist

  Hello Everyone,

"On The Twelve Days of Christmas, Miss Holly will be visiting Regent Street to bring joy and wonder during the magical time of Christmas. "

Just two days before Christmas, Miss Holly wanted to spend her day decorating her home for Christmas. It was one of her favorite things to do before Christmas. Her little Christmas tree stood proudly near the window. A brand new nativity set that she placed on the hall table. Her stocking hanging from the fireplace's mantel. Little ornaments and garlands in every part of the house. 

While putting away all the boxes back to storage she found another box with her old small nativity set that she had used for the past few years. It was a pity that she wasn't going to bring it out this year and felt very sorry for it. It was a such a small set compared to the new one that she had just bought for herself. As she looked at it an idea came to mind.  She was told that an artist lived right above The Dickens Book Shop who loved building and making miniatures. 

She put on her hat, picked up the Nativity Set and set off to the Miniaturist to give her the little set. 
Lady Adelaide was so surprised to see that Miss Holly has visited her too. In the past days she had heard about her visits all around Regent Street and she was honored that she thought of her. 

Miss Holly was so happy to visit her; not only to give her the Nativity Set but also to see the wonderful dolls houses and miniatures Lady Adelaide did. Miss Holly was so impressed and she was happier knowing that her Nativity couldn't find a better home than this. It was perfect.

Lady Adelaide couldn't be more thrilled with the miniature Nativity and was very thankful to Miss Holly. She found the right place for it in the middle of the room among her other miniatures. 

Lady Adelaide showed Miss Holly around the room and had a lovely chat about miniatures and the hobby.

Miss Holly was looking forward to visit again and asked Lady Adelaide if she would do a Christmas house for her in miniature. Lady Adelaide only smiled and told her that she had a whole year to prepare for it but promised Holly that she would have it before next year's Christmas. 

Miss Holly was already getting excited about it even if she had to wait another year. 

This is all for today. Tomorrow will be our last day for the 12 Days of Christmas. Let's see were our Miss Holly will visit. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. That little nativity looks so cute!! And I'm happy to see the miniaturist again, she's one of my favorites! Well done, Rebecca, love the photo's!!

  2. Es una miniatura muy bonita.
    Un saludo

  3. Beautiful miniature nativity set. Never seen one as tiny and detailed as this one. Well done dear.