Friday, 18 December 2020

7th Day of Christmas - Visiting Master Ben

 Hello Everyone,

"On The Twelve Days of Christmas, Miss Holly will be visiting Regent Street to bring joy and wonder during the magical time of Christmas. "

Miss Holly was so looking forward to visit Master Ben who has been feeling very poorly in the past few days. She had prepared something special for the little boy that would definitely brighten up his spirits. 

Miss Holly thought it was a good idea to visit the little boy late in the morning. She was hoping that by then he would be up and about. The house keeper welcomed Holly at the door and lead her to to the little boy's pretty room which was on the top floor.  She was so excited to see Ben. 

She entered the cosy bedroom where she found the little boy tucked in his bed and his mother, Mrs. Hayward reading a story to him.

Mrs. Hayward was so pleased to see Miss Holly. Little Ben definitely needed some cheering up as he had been in bed for the past week.  Miss Holly told her that she visited Heather the  day before and the little girl had told her that Ben wasn't well at all so she wanted to give him a gift to cheer the poor lad. 

Mrs. Hayward could see that Holly had gotten something special for Ben. Ben loved his pirate ships and toy soldiers and she was sure that he would be extremely happy with the Nutcracker Toy Soldier.  She took the opportunity to do some errands while Holly was visiting Ben. so she left the two to themselves. After all Ben needed some company.

Miss Holly moved closer to Ben's little bed and handed the Nutcracker Soldier to him. She could tell that the boy wasn't feeling well. He looked so pale but he was more than happy to receive such a gift.

Ben had never seen anything like the Nutcracker Soldier before and asked Miss Holly why did the Toy Soldier was called a Nutcracker. Holly explained to him that the Toy Soldier could crack the nut shells by putting the nut between the soldier's  jaw. At the back of the Soldier there was a leaver which once forced downwards, the jaw would crack the nut shell.  She also told him that these nutcrackers were also associated with Christmas because of the beautiful Christmas story 'The Nutcracker and The Mouse King' by ETA Hoffmann. 

Miss Holly told Ben the story of The Nutcracker and the little boy was mesmerized by her words. At the end of the story he jumped out of bed and wanted to play with his new Nutcracker Soldier and his own tiny tin soldiers. 

Holly was so happy to see the little boy out of bed and eager to play. She let him play for a few minutes but she didn't want Master Ben to over do it. So she picked up the lad and tucked him back to bed. 

She placed the Nutcracker Soldier next to him on his bedside table. She told him that Heather missed him very much and that he had to rest and recover so he could go and play with her. Ben was so looking forward to show Heather his new toy. He told Holly that Dr. Keller was visiting him everyday and gave him good medicine so he could get better soon. 

Miss Holly told him that he should be very thankful that Dr. Keller was taking good care of him. She kissed the sweet little boy's forehead and wished him a speedy recovery. Ben thanked her for the special gift and told her that he was already feeling better since she had visited him.  Miss Holly was more than happy to hear those words. With that, she left little Ben to rest knowing that the Nutcracker was by his side looking over him.

So this is all for today. Tomorrow, Miss Holly will be having tea with Miss Leah and her sister Quelina, but I am sure she will be visiting Dr. Keller for giving his attention to Master Ben. So keep tuned for 8th Day of Christmas. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Another wonderful story Rebecca that connects choir characters. You should consider writing a book about your Regent Street. Simply wonderful

  2. De nuevo Miss Holly ha acertado con el regalo deldía.
    Un saludo

  3. Another magical chapter added to your Christmas series; very well done, I enjoyed it very much!!