Saturday, 12 December 2020

3rd Day of Christmas - Visiting The Dickens Book Shop

 Hello Everyone,

"On The Twelve Days of Christmas, Miss Holly will be visiting Regent Street to bring joy and wonder during the magical time of Christmas. "

One of Miss Holly's favorite pastime is visiting the well stocked Library in Regent Street, 'The Dickens Book Shop". The lady loves reading books.  Every Saturday her first stop of the day would be at the library to exchange her books for something that she never read. Thankfully the librarian Mister Henry Dickens adds new books to the shelves on regular basis.

Today was no exception, Miss Holly was all set to visit her favorite Library and Book Shop, only that today she wanted to add something new to the shelves herself. She looked for her two favorite Christmas Books in her old trunk that she had. She lost count of how many times she read these books over and over again, that she could recite the entire books without missing any words. 

Mister Henry Dickens greeted Miss Holly with a smile while doing some paper work at his desk. Miss Holly returned the borrowed books and gave the librarian her two Christmas books one called 'Christmas Morning' and the other one called 'Robin's Christmas Eve'.

She explained to Mister Dickens that she wanted to add these two books to the library for Christmas so the community can enjoy them as much as she did and maybe through the books she could bring happiness to those who read them. 

 Henry was so impressed with the kind gesture of Miss Holly. He always knew that she was special in a certain way, only that today she had proven it. She was always polite when visiting and returned the books on time and in the same condition that they were given. There were occasions that the books were also returned in a much better state than they were before.

Mister Dickens  was delighted with these two Christmas Books. They had beautiful illustrations and what surprised him even further was that he never came across these book titles before. He lead Miss Holly to the bookcase and gave her the honor to put the books on the shelf herself. Miss Holly blushed but was so grateful for the opportunity. Carefully she chose a partially empty shelf and one by one she slid the books in their new rightful place. 

Mister Dickens thanked Miss Holly profoundly and told her that she was always welcome to the book shop and that if she ever was in need of help, his doors were always opened to her. They said their farewells and parted their ways until the next time they meet.

So this is all for today, make sure to keep tuned for the next Days of Christmas at Regent Street.

Take Care and See You Soon,


Rebecca xxx


  1. Aww, such a wonderful story, Rebecca! Miss Holly is so sweet and innocent, I'm sure that mister Dickens appreciates that!

    1. Thank you so much José. So happy that you like it.

  2. I am so looking forward to more of your sweet stories Rebecca. You are quite the storyteller. Does it take you long to come up with the ideas? Keep them coming. You are amazing!

    1. Thank you so much Juan. I guess the stories just come to me. I am so in tune.with the characters that stories come easy.

  3. Nuevamente Miss Holly derrocha bondad en sus visitas.
    Feliz Navidad.
    Un saludo